Ahhh...Mother's Day (Weekend)


Besides my birthday, my second favorite day of the year is Mother’s Day or what I like to refer to as Mother’s Day Weekend.  Yep, I manage to squeeze a weekend out of this and don’t feel guilty about it one little bit.  In fact, I rarely feel guilty at all as a mom.  I am not sure if that has come with age or practice but I work hard darn it and if someone is going to give me a day (or weekend!) I am going to enjoy it!  I am known to say that guilt is a useless emotion and I firmly believe that to be the truth.  As the great Maya Angelou says, “when we know better, we do better” or something to that effect.  Simply put it means that beating myself up for something is not going to help anyone, especially me.  I always try to make the best possible decisions and when I don’t, I own them, apologize for them and move the heck on!

I don’t always see this in other moms and I can often see that they are beating themselves up for this or that, especially when it comes to their children.  We wear many many hats as women, moms, wives, sisters, aunts and friends and we cannot always be everything to everyone.  The more I think about this, the more I believe that this has come to me with age.  I have learned not to over-schedule, over-plan and over-do.  I have learned to take time for myself and to ask for help when I need it.  I have learned that being a martyr is not good for me or for my children.  When I take care of me, I am happy and you know what they say about mama being happy….

So this Mother’s Day, what am I going to do?  Be with the people that make me happiest in the world, my husband and my kids.  I am going to live in the moment and enjoy all of them and know that I am right where I am meant to be.  But here’s the thing, that is my choice and if you choose something different…like a spa day for example, that is great and you should do what makes you happy.  That is the bottom line, be happy, give that gift to yourself, you are in control of your happiness choose it…guilt is a useless emotion!

Happy Mother’s Day!!  (Weekend)



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  1. Avatar
    itzybellababy  |  

    Why not enjoy it? We certainly do the same for Father’s Day right? lol. I totally intend to milk as many days out of it as I can.. lol

  2. Avatar
    MJ @ Daisy & June  |  

    I love your outlook on Mother’s day – this is what it should really be about <3 great post!

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