Why I Don't Care That My Teenage Daughter is Obsessed with Taylor Swift

My 14 year old daughter has a dream, okay, okay, it’s more of an obsession. She wants desperately to meet Taylor Swift. Now I am fully aware that there are thousands and probably even millions of young girls and teenagers that have that same dream but, who am I to squash it? We have every album, we know every lyric, we have covered every wall in her teeny bedroom in posters, we have been to both her homes in New York City and Rhode Island and she has seen 3 concerts! You might have noticed that I wrote “we” and that is in fact, accurate, I will admit, that I like Taylor Swift too! You see, while I believe my […]

Attend to your marriage

I heard an amazing analogy about marriage a couple years ago.  I was at a local church for their mom’s group and the speaker referred to marriage like a garden.A marriage takes time and effort to cultivate like a garden. If you don’t actively attend to it, then the weeds will take over.  Weeds are a NORMAL part of every yard so expect them!  And when they pop up, deal with them! Sometimes dandelions grow in our husband’s row and sometimes they are in our own. Be careful that when they are in your husband’s row, that you don’t tear him apart and bring up a million old issues as you deal with the current day problem. This is dangerous […]

Encouraging Kids' Coaches

Last week I felt led to give my son’s soccer coach a thank you note with a coffee shop gift card.  I wanted him to know how much I appreciated the time he puts into teaching my little guy how to play soccer.  The coach works all day then gives his evenings and weekends to these kids and I am grateful for him.  I didn’t want to wait til the end of the season because we’ve been at this a few weeks now and everyone needs a little encouragement to keep going.   Do you have kids playing soccer, football, cheerleading or another sport right now? With the halfway point coming up, it’s a great idea to keep the coaches […]

Work or stay home?

My children are now all in school and my youngest is at kindergarten all day.  With that comes the question, will I return to work outside the home? Do you have an opinion about working moms vs. stay at home moms?  I sure do!  The quick answer is that I think they are both valuable and needed in our society!  Women choose to work or to stay at home based on many things such as finances, boredom, schedules, skill set, education, family dynamics, etc.  For some women, there is no decision to be made.  They must work… Or they can’t work.  But no matter what your employment status looks like, all women should know that they are highly valuable! We […]

Our Kids Don't Think This Can Happen to Them

I could truly not believe the actions of these 3 young girls.  We have a 14 year old daughter and we think and believe that we have taught her the dangers of social media but now we are not so sure.  Cognitively children and specifically teenagers are just not wired to be distrusting or suspicious as is completely evident in this video.  I am certain that these parents thought that they had taught their daughters the dangers of meeting with strangers on-line but as you will see, it did not matter.  Please share this with your children.  There are too many predators out there and they need to know that this can too easily happen to them. Stay Safe, ~Melissa […]

Should CT Adopt a Law for Mandatory Vaccinations?

  As you may or may not be aware, California adopted SB277, removing religious and philosophical exemption to vaccination, now joining Mississippi and West Virginia, making vaccinations for children going to school mandatory with the sole exception of medical exemption.  Before this bill was made a law by their governor, Jerry Brown, parents had the right to “opt out” of vaccines for philosophical or religious reasons.  Since this has made national news and is believed by some to be setting the precedent for the country, we thought we would ask our CT parents their thoughts on this heavily debated hot topic. The debate started because of a Measles outbreak at Disneyland in California. There were several cases of Measles and several […]

The Mom Card

      Ever meet up with someone and wish you had a piece of paper to exchange contact info?  Why not carry a “mom card”?  Years ago, I met someone at a park and she gave me her card and I thought it was a genius idea! I made my own using a business card template in Word but if you aren’t creative you can always order them online!  It’s so convenient to have information like your home telephone number, cell number and email available to hand out.  You can add your kids’ names and ages too!  Just keep them in your wallet and if you run into someone you want to connect with again, it makes exchanging information […]

Our Visit to Quassy!

My kids and I went to Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT recently to enjoy their homeschool day.  A few other special groups were there too but it wasn’t crowded and a very enjoyable day! My kids are 10, 8 and 5 and this was a wonderful park for their ages!  My oldest two were tall enough so they had a blast going on all the midway rides together!  Thankfully I was able to watch my youngest play at the playscape and the “zoo” while the big kids went on whatever they wanted!  The park is small enough that my kids were able to run to various rides and meet up with me when they were done. I don’t like spinning […]

Packing List to relieve stress when traveling

One of the most stressful things about traveling with kids is packing! Many years ago I made a master “packing list” in Microsoft Word.  To this day, before every trip, I print it out and check things off as I pack. I’ve been doing this for years and it eliminates my anxiety immensely! I’ve edited it a few times as the kids have grown because I no longer need to bring all the gear that is needed for wee ones like strollers, sippy cups, the pack & play, travel highchair, etc. But it’s still a relief to have this checklist and eliminate the fear that I’d forget something. Tis the season to be traveling so thought I’d share a tip […]

Display Your Jewelry

As a stay-at-home mom of three who homeschools, I don’t wear fancy earrings most days, never mind pretty necklaces.  But I can still enjoy what I own by displaying it on my wall! This is a cork board covered with wrapping paper, pattern-side down.  I covered that with a layer of tulle so I could hook and hang my earrings next to the necklaces they match.  The necklaces hang on straight pins, sorted by color.  {If I were to do this again, I’d use fabric to cover the cork board so holes wouldn’t be so obvious when I move pins around.} Even though I don’t wear my jewelry every day, I still get to see it and enjoy the whole display […]