Displaying and keeping Christmas photos

I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards.  I especially love how times have changed and people are sending more photo cards!  I have shared previously on my blog that I saved all the photos I received dating back to 2001 and display them each Christmas in little 4×6 albums on my coffee table.  The photos used to be standard 4×6, 3×5 or wallet size and fit just fine!


Then 4×8 photo cards started getting popular.  Originally they were easy to cut because there was one large photo that was separate from the greeting. But now people are sending more 5×7 cards, collage cards and even double sided cards that don’t fit in my itty bitty flip albums.

I now use this beautiful scrapbook and leave it on my coffee table.


I don’t have to cut many pics now that I use this bigger 12×12 album.  I just add the pictures, fitting them on the page like a game of Tetris.  The kids especially love flipping through and seeing pictures of the people they know and how they have changed year after year – especially their little friends!


As for this year, I display the incoming cards and photos on my wall in the dining room along the chair rail.  After Christmas, I take them down and keep them in a standing napkin holder.  We pray for one family a night at supper time throughout the year.  Then come next Christmas, I’ll put them in the scrapbook album on my living room table.


Oh… I can’t forget about the annual letters!  I think it’s fun to read the year’s summary and I tuck them in this pretty hanger.  I have a folder in my filing cabinet where I later store those.  {Yes I save a lot!}


I think photos and annual summaries are fun little treasures to receive in the mail.  I really appreciate getting them and extra enjoy looking back at them year after year!

If anyone else has some creative ways of displaying your cards, please let us know!

Merry Christmas!

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