An Elf on the Shelf Alternative

I love Elf on a Shelf and every year I look forward to people posting photos of him online.  In our home, we don’t really promote Santa so doing the whole elf thing wouldn’t work.  {Besides, I’ve heard that the idea of an elf watching and moving every night really freaks some kids out!}

So with all that in mind, I decided to start my own variation a few years back.  We have a felt angel and she’s a cute floppy thing.  I hide her around the house or set her up doing fun things like playing games with other toys.  The kids think it’s fun to look for her each morning!


You can use any Christmas toy if you are looking for an alternative but I love the idea of an angel because in the bible, in the book of Luke chapter two, it was an angel who brought the shepherds the good news about Jesus’ birth.

We just decorated for Christmas and my daughter found “Angel-a” and remembered our little tradition.  It’s an easy way to make this time of year fun and it doesn’t take much effort!  Just do an internet search for ideas and you’ll probably have more fun than the kids with this one!

Happy Holidays!

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    Gwen Levitz  |  

    an angel is such a great idea and is so much sweeter, thanks for the idea, I just may have to do this for my kids!

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