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I would like to share a great organic company that offers stress relief, pain relief, personal care, home care, baby and kid’s products. The company is Aihu Essentials for Healing. The company is 16 years old and based in Minnesota. The products are blends of organic essential oils all grown in the USA.

Aihu was founded by Ann Walker, an occupational thereapist. Ann spent 31 years in practice and was very frustrated that her patients were having so many issues that were not being helped by prescritions. Ann set out to find a healthier solution for their problems. Ann researched and discovered the many proven benefits of essential oils. Ann works with 2 PHD chemists to find the right blend of oils to work.

Ann set out to make products that are accesible to everyone. These products are easily ordered on my secure website, reasonably priced. These product works! I have customers that are athletes, cancer patients, nurses and doctors. These products are totally safe for all ages and even your pets. Please go to my website at Aihu offers weekly and seasonal specials. You will not get bombarded with emails or solicitations either.

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