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Mom’s, are you always looking for a way to earn money from home while you stay home with your kiddo’s?  I found Ambit Energy 6 years ago, and I’m so glad I did.  The big question is How Many People Do You Know Who Use Electricity, Natural Gas, or want Solar in their home or business?  I know, silly question … EVERYONE right?  The answer is Yes, everyone you Know … and everyone you Don’t know.  You can earn a monthly residiual income each time someone you know … or don’t know … turns on their lights.  Today, by using Social Media we have the opportunity to participate in the largest transference of wealth my generation (I’m a Grandma) and yours will ever see.  It’s the energy industry, and it’s deregulating nationwide, and worldwide.  So the opportunity is truly unlimited, all you need to do is get started.  Please watch this informational video at, and once you log in, I will send you an instant $100 Travel Discount card that you can use right away for your next well deserved getaway!  You can sign up as a consultant right there from my website, so for $100 you’ll be in business and I will coach you through every step.  So what’s stopping you from signing up right now?  Let’s talk about it.  Sue Thomas

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