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96 Tredeau St, Hartford, CT 06114
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An Infinite Abundance, LLC is a unique organization that helps you create Living Life at 300%- an abundance of Wealth, Health, & Happiness by loving what you do.

My Mission for An Infinite Abundance is to help my clients to create, achieve, and manifest their goals and dreams, to coach from the center of my authentic being, and to be the best possible coach that I can be.  I am open to being the miracle in my life and in the lives of others. I am the Lighthouse for Wealth, Health, & Happiness, Living Life @ 300%!

My Desire for An Infinite Abundance is to attract my PERFECT clients, allowing them to create wealth, health, and happiness for doing what they love.  I love knowing that my ideal plan is to help my clients to Feel Balanced, Be Positive, Inspired, Motivated, and Confident to create, achieve, and manifest their goals and dreams.

I love how it feels when I help them increase their energy and vibration and bring them up their emotional and vibrational scales.  I’ve decided to be the best possible authentic and heart-centered coach that I can be.

It excites me to see myself, my clients, and my colleagues love life as we are meant to live.  The Law Of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desires.

My Workspace: 

I am located in the south end of Hartford, CT.  I currently work out of my home, in our patio room- a peaceful and comfortable space, especially in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall.  Coaching sessions are held over the phone or Skype via conference line.  Reiki sessions can be done at my home location, your home or business, or at a distance.

What I Do:   

Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner

As a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, I help people and pets/animals become healthier and balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, using Reiki Energy Healing- a safe, effective, and healthy holistic therapy.

I am certified to teach those who are interested and have the desire to help yourself and others physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, becoming a Reiki Practitioner in Levels 1 through Master Teacher.

Personal Development Coach

As a coach, I am committed to help frustrated and struggling under-employees (those who are unhappy with (hate) their current job) and the unemployed who are seriously looking for positive changes.  This program focuses on your strengths and your career needs and wants.  The result is a fresh, informed, and intentional approach to career attracting.  With well-defined values and clarity in what YOU want in a career, never again feel uncertain about whether you’re in the right work experience or not.  This is for you if…you are unemployed, you have a job and are not happy or hate it, you are a veteran and looking for work or a new career, you have graduated from high school or college and looking for work or a career, you are looking for self-employment opportunities, and/or you are serious about making a positive change in your current lifestyle.

Business Wellness Coach

I am also committed to helping the self-employed/small business owners/entrepreneurs with two programs.

The first program uses a three part system: I Am (It’s all about YOU!), I See (It’s all about Visioning and Creating YOUR Goals and Dreams!), & I Attract (It’s all about What YOU Want to Attract!)  This helps to strategically attract your perfect relationships (customers, clients, partners, staff/employees, vendors), dramatically increasing your revenue and profits, building the business of their dreams.

The second program uses EFT/Tapping.  Tapping is a mindset technique used to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, self-esteem issues, and even things like PTSD and anxiety.  If you want to greatly increase your wealth, it’s important to recognize that money has a mind/body component.  You can harness this to take control of and increase how much you have.  It requires you to look within for answers and face old memories or limiting beliefs that could be painful.  Finding your personal mind/body connection to money can be the hardest part of this journey, but when you do find it, the rewards can reflect enormously in your bank account.

My coaching services and products allows you to go outside of your comfort zone, overcoming fear, and to create and manifest your goals and dreams without limits.

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