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About Chalky & Company:

At Chalky & Company, the emphasis is on bringing out the “crafty” in everyone through our fun and interactive classes and furniture workshops! Purchase wholesale quality assembled/unfinished branded wood kits and market unlimited wood projects (using Chalky & Company products) on retail sites (such as Marketplace and Etsy), booth space, vendor events, and more! Keep an open stock of our quality latex paints, our 100% Natural Painter’s Powder, Flat Velvet Top Coat, Glazes, Wax, embellishments and hardware in your retail space or booth space! No Franchise Fee to be an Exclusive Chalky & Company Shop Owner! Learn all about Chalky Painting, Glazing, Waxing, and Distressing as an Independent Consultant/Shop Owner. Use our Chalky & Company products exclusively for your Furniture Re-Do’s and SELL your furniture as a Chalky & Company Independent Consultant!

About me

I’m Julia Alden, Founder & Independent Director and Shop Owner with Chalky & Company. I love sharing all things Chalky through Chalky Painting Workshops.  We offer unfinished wood home décor items for you to chalky paint and we also offer Furniture Workshops for our customers!  You can find Chalky & Company events all over the US like vendor events, coffee shop/wineries/restaurants, homes and clubhouses!  As one of the leaders with Chalky & Company, I offer a lot of insight as well as mentoring with our Chalky Team to help them to be successful!

If you would have asked me to Chalky Paint a project 5 years ago, you would not see me show up!  I was terrified!  Once I started to look more into chalky furniture painting, I found Chalky & Company!  This company has it all!  No shopping at multiple sites or stores!  That was what I love the most about joining Chalky & Company!  They provided me with the products and the knowledge to succeed!

If the idea of having your own Chalky & Company business (whether mobile or in your own booth/studio) interests you, take a good look at Chalky & Company!  I would love to help you succeed and provide the tools to help you learn!  You can join me here!

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions!  A company that fully supports, you, the consultant/shop owner, and the tools to help you every step of the way, that’s Chalky & Company!

Julia Alden, Founder & Independent Director

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