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Cloud 9 Life is a brand new company to the health market. We launched in January 2020. Cloud 9 Life was created to reset, restore and repair your gut health. The main focus in our plan is the 3 in 30 system. This is a 30 day regimen to get your gut health reset and restored so you are able to absorb nutrients much quicker and more efficiently. The 3 in 30 System was designed to survive the harsh environment of  your stomach to actually reach the gut where it most benefits you. Once your gut is reset and restored you can choose a repair bundle to focus on. This would be either weight loss, focus or energy. Our products’ pricing  is competitive with the leading products in the industry, and is just under $2 a day. All of our products are plant based. They are also dairy free, gluten free, keto/paleo friendly, vegan, and gmo-free. Gut health is extremely important to your over all health. Scientists believe in this so much that they consider your gut to be your 2nd brain. If your gut is not healthy it can make you feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, gain weight, fatigued and overall not well. With a healthy gut you can feel less stressed, reduced anxiety, get better sleep, feel more energized, less inflammation, clearer skin and have more focus. Another great side effect people notice is your waistline starts to slim. Along with the restore, reset and repair products we also offer CBD cream and drops. Cloud 9 Life has designed an amazing compensation plan that gets you rewarded on many different levels. Send me a text for a FREE sample of our products!
About Me: 
My name is Skye. I am married and have a beautiful fur baby boxer Olivia. I am a clinical manager at an orthodontist office. My husband and I just bought a home last year and spend most of my free time working around my house. I live in Colorado so I also love to spend my time in the mountains and outdoors.  I had the honor of being able to attend the pre-launch for Cloud 9 Life in January. As I was listening and watching the presentation I wanted to know, okay when can I sign up?! I started with the 3 in 30 system and felt a difference with in hours of my first day. I personally suffer with anxiety and weight. Since starting the products I felt a significant reduction of feeling anxious. I also started sleeping better, my digestion improved, and I had more energy. Then I decided to add in the weight-loss bundle. Everything had improved by 10x plus I started to lose weight, and inches everywhere. Since February I have dropped a size in clothing, my face is slimming,  and have had the energy and endurance to start working out almost daily. I have also not had cravings to snack on sugary or fatty foods. My body has started to crave healthier options and I have had no desire to drink soda or juices. I also have plantar’s fasciitis in both of my feet and get frequent neck and back pain due to my job. My inflammation has been reduced significantly and when I have a bad pain day I use the CBD cream to alleviate any problems that I am having.  I can honestly say that I can not imagine having these products in my life!
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