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Hi, I’m Pha (Faye).  I am a distributor of the worlds ONLY patented CBD products (10xPure from CTFO). Most people assume, and sadly accept, that their health will deteriorate as they age. A year ago, I was not at all healthy. Over the years I spent a lot of money on supplements that made false claims to help, but my lab reports told me otherwise. Through the continuous use of my products, I am aware of 21 health IMPROVEMENTS for myself, over the last 14 months, the most recent being no longer having the urge to get up at night to go to the bathroom!  This is a HUGE complaint of most people over 50.  Now, at the age of 68, my doctor calls me her “healthiest patient”.  My sweet 94 year old Mom regained her cognizance after severe memory loss and a stroke.  My dogs anxiety and allergies have been alleviated with our pet drops, treats and shampoo. No matter your age, it’s time to be proactive about seriously improving your health, instead of accepting it’s deterioration.  Are you curious what a diet rich in organic phytocannabinoids can do for you?  With our 60 day satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Watch the following video to see what sets CTFO apart from any other CBD company. Be sure to click on Watch this video on YouTube after clicking the video below

If you are searching for the world’s most rewarding and exciting business opportunity, look no further. CTFO has eliminated ALL the negative features of network marketing. It’s 100% FREE to join. You receive a FREE website, FREE training, NO expensive package purchase requirements, NO mandatory autoships,  an exciting and unbeatable copyrighted pay plan, commissions paid weekly, no legs to balance, no fear of loss from leap-frogging, a low monthly qualifier (under $50).  No one else offers all of this for FREE!  It’s a booming industry and so much satisfaction comes from changing the course of someone’s health. Check out our 70+ products (more coming soon) as well as our Opportunity at myctfocbd.com/phabulous

We are global, currently in 22 countries and expanding rapidly.  Don’t be left behind.

Pha Icenhower



We have created this directory for Connecticut moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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