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Dipsy Dip, what’s that?

Have you ever heard of nail dips? Dipsy Dip is a direct sales company offering a full line of nail dipping powder and 100% real nail polish wraps, as well as nail jewelry and accessories. With nearly 100 rich colors and distinctive designs to choose from, Dipsy Dip enables you to have salon-quality nails without the hassle and expense.

Dipsy Dip nail dips provide a long-lasting, beautiful finish that is stronger than gel polish and not harsh, like acrylics. They are easily applied at home using a series of four liquids and a pigmented dipping powder, and do not require UV or LED light to cure.
Our nail wraps are made from 100% real nail polish, providing a long-lasting, breathable finish in a salon-quality design. Easy to apply, Dipsy Dip wraps resist tearing and last up to 2 weeks under normal conditions.
We also offer a selection of nail jewels for those who desire a little more bling, as well as a variety of nail accessories to help achieve the perfect look.

About Me:
Hi, I’m Lindy, mom of 5 kids including a set of twins! I am a wife, college student and nail fanatic!  I was the very first Celebrity Rank with Dipsy Dip, I am an Ambassador and Premier Consultant as well. I found out about Dipsy Dip the end of September and KNEW I had to get my hands on it! I signed up, went live on social media, and was so excited to see where this would take me! In 7 months, I was able to build a team of over 450+ wonderful ladies, run trainings for the company for new consultants, and spread the word of this amazing company! I put my all into a company I love. We have LESS than 1200 in the whole United States!


Do you have what it takes to take on a new experience with a ground floor company? Dipsy Dip has an impressive compensation plan and have the potential to earn our Double Dip bonus of an extra 8% on sales, on top of your 20-25% commissions (not including your team commissions). One of the great things about Dipsy Dip is we are not even close to covering the whole United States yet!
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