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Why has this Registered Nurse turned to natural health and essential oil education? I began my journey in 2015 after feeling miserable with a sore throat for a couple weeks and nothing over the counter, nor from my doctor helped. A fellow nurse friend of mine shared a few of her essential oils with me and it literally has changed my life! I felt so much better overnight and started researching why essential oils work so well. What I have found is information I was never taught in nursing school. Essential oils are so tiny that they can help support your body on a cellular level. We have used them for every physical ailment, as well as for green cleaning, air purifying, and much more.

You are able to use dōTERRA essential oils topically, aromatically, and for some oils, internally. Topical use is for localized issues where you want a concentrated amount of the oil in one location. The safest way to use oils for topical use is to dilute with a carrier oil (like coconut, jojoba, almond, avocado, etc.) and apply to the bottoms of your feet. The oils absorb into your blood stream within two minutes. They are quick! You can use essential oils aromatically for mood management and to purify the air. They smell great without having synthetic chemicals in your air, which then get into your body via your lungs. You are able to control the strength of the smell by using fewer or more drops of oil in a diffuser. Internal use is great for wide-spread issues and for whole-body health. Internal usage of the oils has been tested and found to be beneficial in small amounts. Always read your labels before use to make sure you use them appropriately!

As your “oil lady” and educator, I am available for phone and virtual consultations for free. I listen to your personal issues and assist you with finding what oils, supplements, and products are the best fit for your needs by utilizing my previous research, a resource book, and my personal knowledge from different essential oil medical groups I’m a part of. I also suggest products based on dōTERRA’s Wellness Pyramid, which focuses on eating right, exercise, sleep and stress management, reducing toxic load, informed self care, and proactive medical care, as our bodies are made of many functioning systems that intertwine together. When one area is “off,” other areas fall out of alignment, as well. Balancing your whole body wellness is the key to living a truly healthy life.

I chose to work with dōTERRA as a company because of the purity and quality of their essential oils. Quality oils matter if you want them to work! They would rather pull something off the shelf than have an adulterated product. They also work with family owned farms to provide a steady income to empower farmers to continue to do what their families have done for centuries; or to provide a means for their children to attend school; or to be able to keep the women in the family off the streets by employing them. Another reason why I chose to use this company is because of their dedication to helping others worldwide through their Healing Hands Foundation. This provides schools, housing after natural disasters, medical centers, and wells to those who need it most. Giving back is one of the foundational qualities of dōTERRA and they are making it a mission to bridge the gap between modern and holistic healthcare; one drop, one person, and one community at a time.

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