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Elevacity is a company to elevate your health, wealth and happiness through patented and powerful nutritional consumer products.

The Elevacity Brand is composed of core products in the nutritional beverage category (Elevate Coffee and Hot Chocolate), supplements like Xanthomax and unique skin care like Timeless. Customers are finding the Elevacity Brand to be a source for both unique products and results. Each product or service offered under the Elevacity Brand has been carefully selected in support of a simple objective: Elevating lives through products and services.

Our most popular product is D.O.S.E which is composed of Elevate Coffee and Xanthomax – products that offers a wealth of benefits that help to elevate moods, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, focus and clarity, and actually helps to curb your desire for snacking, which could help you maintain or even lose weight! There is a video in this link that I am sure all you moms can relate to!! www.doseexperience.com/eileenstreasures

Also check out our full line of anti-aging skin care products. Regenerate at the cellular level with our Elier Mud Mask or Timeless anti-wrinkle cream.

And don’t forget our Hemplevate product – Our full spectrum hemp oil is better utilized by the body than the single chemical extract commonly found in over the counter CBD oil.

Start your business today!  We’re changing lives all over the world, one person at a time. The moment you join us, you become part of a community that supports and cares about you. Let us help you find your joy… its easier than you think.  Elevacity through Elepreneur provides basic and advanced programs for our new and veteran members who are looking to make entrepreneuring their primary career.  For more information click here:   www.elepreneur.com/eileenstreasures

Wealth should include all the components of our lives that are important to us. We should have a wealth of friends, provide a wealth of service to others and of course, we want to accumulate more money as well.

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