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With FITTEAM, getting healthy has never been easier.
🥤 Easy to use, single packet energy drink – simply add to water on-the-go
🚶‍♀️ Easily lose weight in a healthy way
⚡ Sustainable, clean energy all day long
🍃 All natural and USDA Organic ingredients
🌊 Great at helping you stay hydrated, promoting lean muscle development, and boosting your energy


Join the thousands who have changed their lives with FITTEAM:
“I simply took FIT twice a day, ate clean, and it gave me the energy for all of the fatigue I was experiencing, and the weight loss was phenomenal. I’ve lost 75 pounds.” – KATHY HUNTER
“FITTEAM has worked! I’ve lost 65 pounds! FITTEAM has made my life and living style way better. People also notice my mental focus at work and the clarity that I have.” – MIKE PROKOP
“FITTEAM has given me amazing energy. There’s no jitters…it’s given me the energy to be a mom again.” MELISSA DYEKMAN
“FITTEAM can change anyone’s life – it changed mine. I was at my heaviest and needed something. I tried everything else, and thought “Why not try FITTEAM?” I lost 60 pounds. It made me a happier person.” – JEANNE COX
“FITTEAM is helping me be the best version of me. I’ve lost 25 pounds, I have energy, I feel amazing. I get up in the morning, take my FIT and that’s all I really need to do the whole day.” – KERRY WINE


About Me:


I did not realize it from the beginning, but FITTEAM ….was my answer to so many prayers handed to me by God!! It was my choice, however, to accept it…it was my choice to drink Fit consistently……it was my choice to believe I deserved what was happening to me ….not just all the physical changes, but the slow growing passion for everything FITTEAM!


I have multiple chronic pain issues that were holding me back from living life the way I wanted to. I had to use a cane when I left the house and I do have a permanent disability placard from the State of Texas. I saw a friend pouring Fitteam Fit into her water and I asked her what it was. She told me she had been drinking it for about a month and she felt fantastic and had lost some weight.  I signed up as a preferred customer that day.


During my very first week, my husband said I was nicer, I no longer needed my daily naps and the diet soda that I was addicted to no longer tasted good.


After three months of consistently drinking Fitteam Fit, I took myself off all my medications for chronic pain.


I lost my first 60 pounds in eight months with no exercise. I felt wonderful but I was afraid to put my body through the trauma of any sort of exercise. I maintained  that weight for 13 months and then I decided to join a gym.


I have been working out consistently 3 to 5 days a week for 3 years. I lift weights, I use the elliptical machine, the rowing machine and I love to ride the exercise bike.  I take a cardio/weights class three times a week and I also walk about 12 miles a week. I have participated in multiple 5K’s and I have completed one 10k.  I no longer need that cane or that disability placard!! Life is simply amazing.


I have now lost 100 pounds and I am a proud member of FITTEAM‘s 100 pound club!


With Fitteam, my entire life has changed! I have learned about nutrition, about fitness and I have fallen in love with helping others do the same. As a Brand Partner with FITTEAM, I am living my life to the fullest. I have a passion and a purpose every single day. Changing lives is what brings me the most joy of all.


Heidi Emery Koehler
Executive with Fitteam


*** Fitteam does not claim to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.
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