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I am Shanna Gillum from La Grange, TX.  I am married and have 3 sons.  I have been in direct sales for over 17 years.  I joined Handmarks in December 2019 after another company I was with decided to close their doors.  I found Handmarks and was so excited to get started with them as they were a fun new company.   I love spending time with my family, being outdoors, reading and most of all, with having a house full of guys, I love having girl time.  Handmarks allows me to have fun filled girl time while sharing my passion of jewelry and making extra money.

What is Handmarks?

Handmarks has a variety of products and programs.  Our products are more than just the jewelry.  We are about creating something unique that captures something special for each individual.  Whether it is a special word, phrase or thought, with our unique experience of Handmarking a tag, you  have the opportunity to mark your memories for a lifetime or simply create something fun and unique.  Handmarks makes for a fun girls night out where the guests can play and handmark their own tags.

We have our Signature Collection which has three lines of bracelets.  Our Vintage bracelets are made from Vintage Silverware.  There are over 50,000 patterns of vintage silverware and we use this to create beautiful bracelets.   Our Steel My Heart bracelets are made from solid stainless steel silverware. Last in this collection is our Rhody Bracelets.  This are not made from silverware but are made to look like silverware.  These bracelets are genuine rhodium plated and are crafted just for Handmarks.  All our Signature Collection bracelets come with 2 handmarked pewter tags.  We also have earrings, necklaces, other styles of bracelets and keychains.  Some of these come with handmarked tags and others do not, however, you can add a handmarked tag to almost anything to give it that special look.

With our Endless Possibilities Collection, the possibilities are endless!  This collection is where you can use your creativity and imagination to create your own necklace.  You start with a base then add your layers, then a pendant, slide color pop, charm or bling to finish your look.  You can create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Our Hidden Treasures is new to Handmarks and is so much fun.  Hidden Treasures can all be done online or in person.  Our Hidden Treasures consist of 3 product lines.  We have our Everyday Inspired which are rings you can wear everyday.  They may contain a little bling, but not much.  Then we have our Sparkle and Shine Collection.  These rings are beautiful sparkly, blingy rings and are stunning.  Last we have our Mystery Vintage bracelets.  These items come in heat sealed packages so no one knows what is in them, they are such a fun surprise.  The rings come in sizes 5-10 and the suggested retail value of the rings can be anywhere between $38-$1000!  You only pay $18 for the Everyday Inspired and $22 for the Sparkle and Shine, but the values are much more.


Handmarks has 3 ways to join starting with the Earn Your Kit Option.  This option is only $14.95 and gives you the opportunity to earn our Elite Kit valued at $1,100.  Our Essentials kit is $99 and last we have our Elite Kit for $199.

Why join Handmarks?  Handmarks is a groundfloor company with lots of growth opportunity.  The Co-Founders along with the other consultants are very supportive to the downlines wanting all to succeed.  You get paid weekly with bonus pay going out the beginning of every month.  Work as much or as little as you like by making your own schedule.  Have fun while earning money!

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