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Hempworx was founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil. They themselves were network marketers, wanting more than what they were being offered and making in the companies they worked for. So Josh decided to start his own company in 2014 called My Daily Choice, He offers high quality nutritional sprays. When his wife Jenna got sick with Celiacs disease, she was introduced to CBD, shortly after trying it, she got better and so her quest for good quality oil began and in 2017 Hempworx  was born. It has been a huge success with them now being a debt free company in only 6 years, to being named in the fortune 500 magazine as one of the fastest growing MLM companies in network marketing. We offer one of the best compensation plans, paying up to 85% of business volume, which is just unheard of in the network marketing industry

There are so many other great features and perks, some of them being earned travel points for products you buy and we offer a 60 day money back guarantee even if the bottle is empty, which means you can try the whole bottle and if you’re not satisfied you can get your money back. I will tell you, we only have a 1% return rate as our products are of the highest quality. We do 3rd party testing on all our products and have documentation on our site for anyone to view with Certificate of Analysis (COA). All CBD is produced by the CO² extraction method , no alcohol, ethanol, or other harms solvents used, as we strive to offer the best potency and purity as a quality product for your safety.

Some of the products we offer are

Soft Gels
Hair/Skin Care
Pet Treats

We also have nutritional sprays, essential oils in a set and individually, as well as a travel brand called high life travel that offers up 60% off hotels, flights and car rentals with no black out sates and points earned for every dollar spent on products. We also have a loyalty program for auto ship customer.

Our products are free of gluten GMOs parabens fillers, which is one of the many reason I started using the products and then decided to become an affiliate and advocate for this company.  I was born with eustachian tubes (they are in your ears) that never functioned properly, even to this day. I still get bad ear infections and have to get tubes in my ears. I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have also gone through drug addiction for many years due to things I suffered as a child and then a back injury I suffered on the job in 2004. I’ve had a hard life of many medical issues and many years of addiction trying to self medicate. I was just tired of the pain mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have days where I feel good, then I do a bit of extra house work or go for a walk by the lake, because I love to be by the water and the next day or maybe even later that night I’m in so much pain and I never know for how long, then my mental state diminishes because I’m only 44 and feel I shouldn’t be this handicapped, with no real way of proving just how handicapped I am because pain is invisible and is hard to prove to someone who doesn’t see your quality of life on a daily basis.

Enough about all the sad and depressing stuff. I want to talk about the good positive stuff that got me where I am today. This company, the products and the people I’ve met and connect me with when been for beyond anything I ever expected. They basically teach from the mindset aspect, and that is if you change your way of way of thinking from that of old negative mindset and beliefs that no longer serve you to ones that align with your dreams and desires and begin to speak and life in a way that reflects that which you are wanting that you’ll begin to attract that which you desire. I truly believe we do become what we think about.  And if you’re thinking on things that bring you peace, joy, and happiness then peace joy and happiness will come. And so when we become business minded and goal oriented we become people who produce quality lives with value and servanthood towards others.  With all this being said about good positive mindset I need to back rack a bit. I also suffered with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, which is why I began seeking CBD Oil and ultimately choosing Hempworx. I liked that they had only the ingredients necessary for optimal benefits for your overall health. And now I have this opportunity to provide an income for myself and persue my dreams of being an artist while sharing my story of inspiration strength and hope to others and help them create the life they desire as well.

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