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Hi my name is Tina Cerrone I’m a wellness coach in West Haven, CT. I’m happily married to my highschool sweetheart and have two boys Jesse 8 and Leo 6. I love teaching and helping  people hence my background in Education  and Special Education. 

Before herbalife, I was a tired and a overweight mama! I was alive but definitely not living my best life! I would get exhausted easily and I was always looking for quick and easy fixes for energy!  I lived at the drive Thru, Always seeking a quick cup of coffee to get me through the next few hours and spending a ton of money on snacks and foods that robbed body vs. nourished my cells. 

I would find myself laying around on the couch a lot with my kids playing around me and I just felt blah! 

Fast forward to today, I’m down 27lbs and up in lean muscle. I have kept the weigh off for 3 years. I’ve taken several yoga certification courses. I volunteer and do chair yoga at a local nursing home. I have energy to take my one son who has autism to all of his appointments! My energy levels through the roof! I play with my kids outside and take them hiking and instead of watching them swim from the bleacher I’m in the pool etc. 

I save money from Skipping the drive thru and making our amazing metabolism burning energy iced and hot teas and iced protein coffees at home. I truly have my life back.

 I love the science and doctors that stand behind the products.

What is Herbalife: 

Herbalife is based on cellular nutrition.  It’s delicious shakes, iced tea, quality vitamins & you eat REAL food. Never any auto shipments and with herbalife you get 1:1 coaching, shopping lists, recipes, workouts, access to local nutrition clubs, access to accountability groups, weight management, sports nutrition,online weight loss challenges, and personal-care products. The products have been around since 1980.

My love and belief in the products has lead me into taking several trainings on wellness coaching and helping other busy moms reach their health goals. 

My belief is we rise by helping others. Also it’s so important for moms to fill their cup first. You cannot pour or give from an empty cup! Their is always room for more girlfriends aka moms on our team! Join other busy moms who understand the mom struggles and busy lives of motherhood. 

Let’s get healthy together! I would love to chat in person, Please reach out to me for a free wellness eval!

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