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Get to Know Your Skincare Creator

A Success Story
Karine Joncas, renowned French-Canadian skincare creator from the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada and pioneer in the MEDI-COSMETICS approach, is a visionary woman who is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations in advanced skincare, anti-aging and skin concerns.

Karine learned her love for skincare at a very young age thanks to her grandmother, with whom she created home-made beauty products. KJ’s first student-job, was as an independent beauty consultant with a direct sales company.

As an adult, Karine traveled to Paris.  While there, she discovered transdermal patches, a medical technology used for cosmetic purposes. She was blown away by this innovation and decided to launch her own line of KJ MEDI-COSMETICS. Her entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong as she hails from a long line of entrepreneurs in her family. She has been surrounded by that ambitious energy her whole life!

With over 18 years of success, Karine Joncas has carved out a special place in the beauty industry by offering cosmetics at the edge of medical science.  She is also making a change in women’s lives by offering high performance multi-functional skincare for the modern busy woman. A true professional Medi-Spa experience at home.

A Bright Future
Beyond her products, Karine Joncas wants to share her success with as many women as possible. She wants women to DREAM BIG because the possibilities are endless! She has already built a solid business but that is not where her dreams end.   She aims to build a heritage and a legacy that she will be able to pass on to future generations.

Modern busy women, but also women searching for the most powerful ingredients to target all their skin concerns. I believe that every woman is unique and that skincare routines must be personalized to her individual needs.’

– Karine Joncas, Skincare Creator

A Little Bit About Me, Your Personal KJ Skin Care Consultant

My name is Jen! I’m a mom of 4 kiddos (23, 20, 19 & 15 including a son-in-law and a three year old granddaughter). I have lived in a little town in Idaho for 47 years! For the last 24 years, I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom. Due to “life” I am now single and decided to venture out on a completely new journey!! Direct Sales!! In May 2019, Karine Joncas literally fell into my lap (I believe by Divine Intervention). My skin has never looked and felt so good. The products resolved issues that weren’t even on my radar! Since then, I have been able to help dozens of ladies with their skin care concerns or just help them prevent the signs of aging!! To say the least, it has been very fulfilling!!

Doing things for myself (as in joining the KJ family) hasn’t ever been easy. I love to serve others, so doing my own “thing” felt a bit selfish – As I started soul searching and really thinking about the KJ opportunity, I realized how selfish I would be if I DIDN’T share it with others. SO, here I am!! Graceful Skin by Jen! Helping ladies to age gracefully and being gracious as I teach them what I continue to learn!!

I’m so humbled & excited to be part of such an amazing 18 year strong company! I look forward to enriching other’s lives by bringing them in to the KJ family whether it be as a customer and or consultant.

Please visit my website, call me, email me, or face book message me if you have any questions at all.

I’m happy to send samples for you to try AND we have a 30 day money back guarantee!!!

Happy 2020 Everyone!! Let the Graceful Skin begin!!


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Teen age boy with eczema after 4 applications of KJ products

Corrective eye patch results

Corrective eye patch results

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