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My name is Kristen Klein. I am a Registered Nurse and focus on a more holistic lifestyle. I love to learn about more natural remedies and ways to decrease the use chemicals in my daily life. Toxic chemicals are found everywhere these days, and in so many personal care products that we use every day, so reducing exposure of chemicals can be difficult. I’m a busy mom and need solutions that make my life easier and less complicated, while also safe for my family and pets.

As someone with sensitive skin, who struggles with cystic acne, I spent many years with confused skin that was made worse by the many options available. I used so many different products and my skin didn’t get better, it even got worse. Who even knows where to start to manage problem skin, much less keep normal skin, healthy and glowing? I also wanted something that was free of harmful chemicals and that I could actually afford.

One day I found L’BRI! L’BRI has become my passion! It cleared my cystic acne within 2 months of regular use twice a day! Since then I have begun learning about this natural and affordable skin care line that has pharmaceutical grade aloe vera gel as the main ingredient. We all know how healing aloe is that it is practically magic! L’BRI then combines this base of aloe vera gel, with other botanicals, deep ocean sea plants, vitamins, and food grade preservatives, to create a system of skin care that can be customized according to your particular skin type, or skin issues, at a price you’ll love!

As your personal skin care consultant I can help you choose the products that work best for you. And with regular use as recommended, you can expect spectacular results! Do you have Acne?? Dry skin? Oily skin? Advanced sings of aging? L’BRI has solutions that meet your needs! Say goodbye to confused skin! I can’t wait to help you!

I love to encourage women and men to look and feel their best! Having healthy glowing skin can be truly life changing! But I also love mentoring others to be their best! L’BRI offers an amazing income opportunity. L’BRI is a 21 year old company that is debt free and offers a ground floor opportunity, with a low start up cost, and a flexible lifestyle. We are experiencing booming growth across the country! It’s never been a better time to start your own business with L’BRI! People want and need what L’BRI offers, and it gives consultants an opportunity for residual income for loyal customers who reorder regularly. I’d love to be your sponsor and help you start your own Beautiful L’BRI business today!

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