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Hi everyone!!! I’m Shanda said like Panda! FYI saying that to your teachers in Third grade followed with can you say that… will most likely get you grounded! I am so excited to that you have come across my inspired shenanigans with Life Expressions Decor page!  I am a believer, a wife, a mom, a Mimi (this one is super fun!) and we pay the mortgage on the home of Nate and Trick our two amazing dogs ~ they graciously let us live here with them. Carleton and I are both from south-eastern New Mexico and will always call it home, but we have as of this year lived in Virginia as long as we lived in New Mexico.  We were blessed to be in the US Navy for twenty years, and while no, I was not an active member of the Navy but I was the spouse of a sailor and I was for sure part of the Navy family and truly love the military family that will always be part of my heart!   Our Children, Brittany and Alexander with Mariah have given us our amazing grandsons Landon and Andrew!

Life Expressions Decor came into my life just as I needed them most!  In true honesty I did not really want to like or need them, but I did!  My story for many years was intertwined in direct sales.   My path started in 1993 and ended abruptly in May of 2018 I was with two companies and both closed the doors on the same day!  I have chosen to work in the direct sales field because of our children… I wanted to be able to be home and be able to be at all the games and still feed all the kids (I believe college volleyball girls may eat as much as baseball boys ????).

On to the Life Expressions Decor part of the story!   In my first meeting with the company I got all the feels and I knew that even though I was not looking for a new direct sales company one had found me, and it is amazing!  The mission statement at LE is to empower the lives of our Customers, Hosts and Creators through the power of words. Words hold so much meaning. They have the power to encourage, motivate, and celebrate!

I am so excited to offer home decor that you can create for yourself and or for gifts that you create exactly they way you want them in the color scheme that you choose!

LE helps you customize your expression with these color options!

  • 43 colors of paint
  • Over 50 colors of regular Vinyl  
  • 13 colors of permanent Vinyl
  • 8 colors of Glitter permanent Vinyl
  • 16 colors of Iron on Vinyl
  • And fabric and regular single use Stencil Vinyl
  • Plus, a plethora of surfaces for your masterpiece!   

Our 2020 Idea Book can be found here! 

The newly released 2020 Fall Idea Book is here!

I can help you create your masterpiece at

  • Private party’s
  • Public workshops
  • Fundraisers
  • Facebook party’s
  • Virtual workshops
  • Birthday parties for kids or adults
  • Showers ~ wedding or baby

Once you make your decision on what you would like, contact me and I will place your order for you!   I will make sure your love your creation!

I would love to have you in our Inspired Shenanigans community join us here!

I look forward to getting to know you!

May your day be inspired!

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