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When I enrolled with Lilla Rose over six years ago, it was to provide a tool, the amazing flexi clip, to help my three young daughters manage their hair. Arguing about combing their hair, nagging, and hurting relationships in frustration over hair care was not what I desired, and I needed a solution. We immediately fell in love, found the hair accessories beautiful, affordable, comfortable, and easy to use. We started sharing our solution, knowing everyone should know about them, and accidentally started a home based business, learning entrepreneurial skills along the way!

Lilla Rose, Inc is hair management solutions excelling in its motto “Every Day Beauty.” What comes with that is “Every Day Confidence.” Your hairstyle is going to stay in place. The flagship flexi clip, a product like no other, is made of beaded music wire, attached to a pin that can’t get lost. It’s flexible, durable, and the beast of hair management without damaging hair follicles or causing hair headaches. There is less hair loss using the flexi clip, as it is hair tension on the clip holding it in place from correct sizing, rather than tension on hair from a hair tie. There is no pulling hair when it’s removed. It’s also backed by an incredible breakage and sizing warranty!

The Flexi clip comes in seven sizes, from mini to mega, so there is sure to be a clip that suits a lady’s needs. One size does not fit all thicknesses, textures, and lengths of hair, though, so be sure to see our sizing videos and charts on the website, or reach out to me for sizing advice. The pony tail is a person’s “base size,” but size could change with a hairstyling change. When in doubt, choose a smaller size. A clip that is too big will simply not work.

Lilla Rose provides other well made, easy to use hair accessory options. These include the Leather 8 in solid color options, and the Braided 8 lines which have decorative centerpieces. The sizing matches the Flexi clip sizing. The difference is that this line requires a hair stick for use, which can be plain or decorative.

Other hair accessories are the Swerve or Geometric singles and sets of U-pins for buns and twists, bobby pins, hair bands, and hair sticks. The hair bands have comfort elastics to attach to a wider faux leather, braided leather, or beaded hair band that is adjustable and can match hair color.

I am from Enfield, CT originally, having graduated from Enrico Fermi High School, and St Joseph University in West Hartford, CT with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. While I am now located in and serve the communities around the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, MI areas, much of my business is online and I can help anyone from anywhere in the world. I also blog about home, health, hair, and entrepreneurship mentoring at, and I blog about hair management on

My six children began leaving the nest a year after I joined Lilla Rose, but my youngest daughter is 11. I still have some “momming” to do as a stay at home, homeschooling Mom. My “main job” and calling for the past 25 years was household management and “Momming.” Through my family and using my degree, I developed a vision to support and empower other women, not just to instill “Every Day Beauty”, but also “Every Day Confidence” as women pursue and build a Lilla Rose business. I’m finding myself a “Lilla Rose Lifer.”

Do work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit energize you? Do you love hair styling and accessories? Would you love excitement, rewards, fun, and friends? Would you love to instill in women confidence in their “Every Day Beauty,” regardless of their life season? I’m seeking new Stylists to join my Lilla Rose team, to be Hair Heroes giving women the gift of an easy morning hair routine! With effort you’re able to put into your business, you could earn a full or part time income by helping ladies look and feel beautiful. I trust that together our businesses will grow and thrive.

Please reach out to me via email or my LoveLeavingLegacy business page with any questions. Come visit my Facebook page and join The HairRaising Lounge Facebook group if you don’t already have a Lilla Rose Stylist. Read more about my Lilla Rose journey on my LoveLeavingLegacy blog. Check out my YouTube videos on how to use any of these products!

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We have created this directory for Connecticut moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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