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Hello hello and Welcome to my LuLaRoe World! The whole reason I started on this LuLaRoe Journey is because of my husband and two girls, they are the most important people in my world, They are my “WHY” I wanted to give back to my family and this allowed for me to work and be home at the same time!  For the past 15 years being a hairdresser has been my passion and I was already working out of my home!  I thought to myself, since I am  already making people feel good,  why not make my ladies look good from head to toe! There is nothing better to me than making people walk away feeling happy and confident in their every day world.  LuLaRoe gave me the ability to love what I do.

When I have  customers leave my boutique feeling happy and satisfied about the way they look it just makes my day feel complete!  I adore being a personal shopper and love that you trust me to make you look beautiful.  Whether you are already a  big fan of LuLaRoe or  even if  you have never tried LuLaRoe, now is your chance to begin your journey with me.

You can shop directly with me through my website and you could come and join my facebook group and spend time with the best women!! We are all there to lift each other up and help each other feel good.  It is a closed group so you can feel free to be yourself and be part of something so great!

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