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Hello Ladies,

My name is Kasia Kroczek and I’ve been Modere Social Marketer since 2012.

Here is my short story so you can get a picture of why I got involved. Since my husband had a hip problem (lack of cartilage between his joints), we got introduced to our collagen matrix product by his friend who is a chiropractor. My husband was very sceptical and did not think that a natural product could help with his hip discomfort. As a surgeon, as you can imagine, he only heard about Hyaluronic Acid Injections and never thought that a product that you drink (2 tablespoons a day) will lubricate every single joint in his body. Jerry, his chiropractor friend, encouraged us to take it for 3 months, he had great results with his knee himself and many patients of his also got great results with lower back, spine etc. and they loved the product. So, we gave it a try in May 2011 and trusted Jerry and the 37 clinical studies. After about 5 weeks of drinking Liquid BioCell we both felt a difference, my husbend could easily get out of bed in the morning and his hip was so much better. I had a left knee problem and evey time I would run or exercise, I had to ice it for at least 25 minutes. We could not believe the results! On top of our joint improvement, we also noticed hair growth (ask me for my husband before and after picture), stronger nails, less wrinkles, and no dry eyes. Hyaluronic Acid is highly concentraited inside the eyeball, it is a shock absorber and serves to transports nutrients into the eye. Many people ask me: how is your product is different from other collagen products on the market? The answer is simple: the size of the molecule. This one is identical with the collagen and Hyaluronic Acid we are born with, but, unfortunately, we are losing them both by 15% every 10 years from the moment we stop growing. It’s Bio Available, your body recognizes it as your own!

So…my beautiful ladies, I joined Modere because I believe in this brand and our incredible products. I can help not only people with joint discomfort but we also have a collagen product for your pet (cat or dog) and also, and we have our Equine blend for horses! We get amazing results with their joints, coat, gums and eyes!

Please ask me any question you might have and I will be hapy to transform your life!


Kasia Kroczek

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