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MojiLife is an amazing home fragrance company that provides a revolutionary home fragrance device to scent your home in a safe an effective way. Our device provides instant fragrance using our patented distribution system. Our device (the AirMoji) is also completely programmable using our Bluetooth mode and free app. No wax, flame, heat or messy clean up. Our luxury fragrance line can last 2-3 weeks, and comes in 50+ different scents. Choose your favorite device from our line up, luxury fragrance pod of your choice and you’re on your way to instant fragrance wherever you go. Enjoy every moment of your amazing smelling space.


Other products include:

Essential oils
Home decor
Cleaning products
And more.

I’m a mom of 5 amazing kids, wife and entrepreneur. I enjoy playing Basketball 3 times a week. And coaching the girls basketball team at my kids’ high school. I have a daughter and 4 sons that keep me Busy, busy! I love creating. Scrapbooking, card making, and crochet. I love music and to dance. I enjoy the outlet MojiLife gives me to meet others, share the products I love with others and meet people with the same drive and passion for the products. I want nothing more than to help them support their families with this business as well.

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