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Perfectly Posh is naturally-based pampering products that are made here in the United States with the best ingredients, responsibly-resourced and free from fillers. The company was founded about seven years ago and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At Perfectly Posh we believe that the status quo is status NO.

In a world that wants us to be quiet, small and anything but big, we encourage you to be huge. How? By loving yourself unapologetically and creating the life of your dreams. Poshers know you can be whoever you want to be, and that self-care is the foundation for building a life you love.

We believe in the power of pampering! That a hand créme can embolden you to become hands-on with the direction of your life, and that a bath bomb can blow your self doubts out of the water. Whether it’s more confidence when you step out the door, or knowing you’re building a business that positively impacts the world, Perfectly Posh believes you can build the life you want and we can help you build it.

‘Self-care’ and ‘Pampering’ are all buzz-worthy and trendy words. Some people feel it’s all about bubble baths and wine (gosh, I wish) while others feel it’s being able to “adult”, live on a budget, manage a home, live a well rounded life. My take on it all is that it’s a little bit of it all…bubble baths while living on a budget and running around saving the world. Isn’t that what mom’s do all the time?  I personally should be making more time for bubble baths and wine…its heart healthy and gluten free. I think I manage my home pretty welland try to live within the budget my husband and I have created.There are 7 kids schedules to remember along with the dogs, cat, my husband’s and my own which may sound crazier than it really is.

This business gives me the opportunity to add the fluff, the fun, the silly pampering into people’s lives while contributing to my family and being there for the important moments and the everyday moments, too. I have helped people take a few minutes for themselves when they truly need it the most. I have helped people give the gift of pampering to those in their lives that need it …the caregivers, the hurting, the stressed, the overtired, the ones celebrating big milestones. I set my own hours, working around sporting events, recitals, and travel schedules. I can even work in my yoga pants or in my pretty dresses…it’s truly up to me.

On top of contributing to my family’s budget, this business has given me so much more. I have developed friendships that are so dear and precious…these are the people I can call in the middle of the night when there is a family emergency and the ones I dance with late into the night at UnCon. My self-esteem and self-confidence have grown and now I stand a little taller and feel pride in myself. I have been able to touch lives around the world because of a soap and lotion company.

I would love to share Perfectly Posh with you and your friends and family, because we all deserve to be pampered. I offer spa parties, vendor events, fundraisers, gifts, one on one pampering sessions, opportunity chats, and more. Please contact me for all your Pampering needs.

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