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Self care is an art and it takes some practice. The good thing is, it doesn’t take that much time. Seriously, you can do tons of things to take care of yourself in under 30 minutes a day. The trickier part is promising yourself that you’ll do it! Now is the time to give yourself permission to love yourself unapologetically and get started.

We are constantly telling ourselves that we don’t have time to slow down. We’ve got to hustle at work, make healthy dinners for our families every night, and grocery shopping, and… and… and… And we’re exhausted.

With all of this going on in our lives, we divide ourselves until there’s not much left to go around. We end up giving the world what’s left of us, instead of the best of us. It’s time to change.

At first, taking a time-out for yourself can feel selfish, but it isn’t. When those guilty thoughts creep in, try to replace them with something more positive. REPEAT THIS MANTRA: Self care is not selfish. Self care is not selfish. Self care is not selfish. Remind yourself that you matter. And remember, that you can’t really give others the best of who you are without taking care of yourself first…mentally, spiritually, and physically.

What’s more pampering than great ingredients used ineffective products that are fun to use? Not much! If you haven’t, discover your favorite pampering products from Perfectly Posh and indulge in using them every day. Whether it’s a few minutes with a Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème while you’re stuck in traffic, making yourself feel more pretty with a tint of lip moisture, or a full-blown facial routine that includes multiple masks and luxurious serums that you do weekly, go on and give yourself the permission to pamper. Everyone is welcome! You deserve it!


The first time I tried Posh, I knew I’d found something truly unique. The company, products, the people – they were distinctive. I quickly realized that everything about Perfectly Posh was special. After suffering with severely problematic skin since age 12, I started noticing serious results – and it wasn’t breaking the bank! My confidence soared, and I wanted everyone to feel that same “high.” So I became a consultant. I chopped up and squeezed out every product in my starter kit, into samples for friends, family – anyone who would listen to me, to be honest.

Not only did I create a business for myself, I’ve also made some amazing friendships with my fellow Posh consultants. From conventions, training, rallies, international all-expenses-paid Incentive trips, these women have shown me how to be strong, proud and grow my business and CONFIDENCE.


If you think Perfectly Posh sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to earn extra income (our instant commissions are basically AMAZING!), or just a great way to get a discount on soaps, lotions, scrubs and face masks, then please contact me today. Life’s too short to use bad ingredients, I would love to talk more!

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