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My name is Lindsay Wessels! I am a 40 year old mom of 1girl and 3 boys. I am from a small town in North Dakota. I have been in direct sales for 2 ½ years. I left my previous company to join Pomifera and become a founding partner! Pomifera is an all natural, free of harsh chemicals healing body line. We also offer hair care and skin care. I always welcome new customers and partners. As of 5/6/2020 we have 5000 partners US wide. We are a ground floor company. Our products are made and packaged right here in the US in the state of IA.

Since Pomifera is so new to the industry, I thought this would help to explain it again! 🌳


So what is Pomifera Oil?

Glad you asked! Pomifera oil comes from the osage orange, also known as maclura pomifera. Though it has the word “orange” in its name, it is more closely related to the mulberry family. The trees that produce this fruit are found right here in the US. Once thought of as just an inedible, prickly fruit, the Osage orange has since been discovered to have many beneficial properties when the oil is extracted and applied topically. Anti-aging, wound healing, acne/free radical fighting, dark spot eliminating, moisturizing, etc etc etc.

Fun fact: the wood from Osage orange trees are resistant to rotting, likely from the natural properties of the fruit it produces!

If it can do that for itself, imagine what it can do for your skin 💚

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