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When I first discovered Poofy Organics, I was on a mission to find a company that I felt good about representing as well as the company representing me. I wanted to find a company that I felt good about supporting as well as encouraging my friends and family to use their products. It was also important to me to find a company that did not push me to cold message or push others into joining or buying my products. I began by searching for organic, toxin free companies who produce in the US.

Kristina, the creator/owner of Poofy Organics is a New Jersey mom/wife/daughter who determined to create safe products for her family, friends, and others. Poofy began when Kristina’s mom was diagnosed with cancer and Kristina began to research and discover all of the toxins in the products her family was using. She started looking for safer products and discovered all of the green washing and struggled to find products she felt good about her family using. So, she decided to make her own products for her family to use. From this, grew Poofy Organics. All of our products are still hand made in small batches in New Jersey where it can all be overseen by Kristina.

I joined Poofy in order to be able to work from home while supplementing my husband’s income enough to support my desire to use safer products for our little family. The more I have learned about this company and these products, the more thankful I am to have discovered them. Kristina works tirelessly to continue to better her products and create new products. Recently, she began the Poofy wellness line which added supplements to our company. As it stands, Poofy offers many cleaning, beauty, and health products that are all clean and toxin free. As I continue to use and sell these products, I continue to be amazed with this company. I have loved each product that I have used and continue to be thankful for the ingredients. I love knowing that I can trust Kristina to source and implement her ingredients responsibly.

At Poofy Organics, the focus is on education over selling. This is Kristina’s model as well as the model for the company. This makes me feel good about using these products. I know that high quality ingredients are always used even if that isn’t the best for the bottom line. While this is a business that needs to make money to survive, our goal, as a company, is to help put high quality, toxin free products into the hands of those we love in order to help them live their best life. I believe in this completely or I wouldn’t feel right promoting everything that Poofy does.

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