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  • First off…I want to say, MOM’S are ROCKSTARS 24/7!!!! Thank you for letting me be part of this community!!
  • About Me- My name is Lori Hanway, Mom, wife, entrepreneur. I am an independent affiliate with Prime my Body, who has the love of life, seeks the truth, and believes in big dreams.
  • Why Prime my Body- Prime my Body is a Health and Wellness company, Living Wellness, Creating Lifestyle. Prime my Body products are based around HEMP (CBD & CBG). We have cutting edge products backed and tested by the largest integrative hospital in the USA.
  • Hemp is the key to optimal health and wellness, in everyday life our bodies endure toxins (air, food, stress, etc.) What happens… our bodies go into a fight or flight mode, when you take hemp as a daily supplement it has the ability to bring your body into a balance, so it can Rest, Relax, Repair itself as it was intended to do.
  • My personal story- my sister introduced Hemp/CBD, and Prime my Body to me… I was headed down the perimenopause spiral…massive headaches, night sweats, mood swings, no energy, talked with my OB/GYN, she knew I did not want to take prescriptions, and I wanted to combat it naturally. Using the products, I feel the best I have ever felt, and honestly I have not taken an ibuprofen since, or any other OTC. So tell me…how are you feeling???
  • Why a CAREER- Principles, Passion, Prosperity….Prime my Body has the Best affiliate marketing comp plan out there. Fast start bonus of 50% in the first month, HEMP is the next booming industry 23 billion by 2023, I totally wanted in, how about YOU????
  • FOCUS- CBD, CBG, 7 Terpenes- wakes the brain up and balances the body.
  • CALM- CBD, CBG- designed for a calming effect, helps with stress and sleep.
  • SHIELD- CBG + 18 botanical ingredients, a daily supplement to fight off all the nasty stuff.
  • BODY THERAPY- HEMP topical salve for all your aches and pains.
  • NOX SKINCARE SERUM- Nitric Oxide and CBD, research nitric oxide for the skin, unbelievable results.
  • HYDRATE- CBD moisturizer.
  • HEMP LIP BALM- the only lip balm you’ll ever need.
  • PAWS- for fur babies- all organic supplement, calming effect, and allows the aging process to be more comfortable.
  • Hey – I’ve been taking this incredible product and I think it makes perfect sense for you. Would love to share more with you. Visit the link to check it out!

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