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PURCBD, cleaning, laundry ,hand soaps, hand sanitizer ,lip care, tooth paste, mouth detox, hair care, goat milk products, bath soaks and bath bombs, scrubs and creams, Claire skin cleansing, anti-aging skin care products, Sinopec Detox plan, natural deodorants, muscle rubs, vapor rubs, men’s care, baby care, essential oils and diffusing bracelets.


Personal statement:

I have been a Purely Advisor   since July 14th 2019,

It is one of the best decisions that I have made for myself! Not only am I now using more nontoxic products myself (even have hubby using them) but I earn extra money to help out our household and am able to pay for family vacations, help with bills, and spoil my 2 ½ year old granddaughter.

At first I joined for the PURCBD products for arthritis pain, but the more products I use the more I LOVE them!!

Some of my favorite products    The Shampoo and Conditioner  is a MUST for me, my hair is so much healthier, seems to grow at a faster rate and feels amazing !!!  I cannot live without my Bloc + muscle rub, it is always in my pocket book, it even helps get rid of pesky headaches. I have 2 bottles of goat milk lotion at ALL times, one at home and one on my desk at my “real” job. And I love the way my face feels after using the Claire Skin cleaning system followed by Pure Argan oil!!  My husband uses the men’s shaving products every day and really enjoys them and it helps keep his skin moisturized and healthy !

I encourage you to reach out to me and have a chat! I would love to teach you about all things Purely!!

Host a party and earn Purely cash to spend, half priced items and hostess gifts!

Join my Purely team, as of right now there are 2 active advisors in CT, myself and my newest team member that just signed up with me , I cannot wait to grow together!!!


There are 3 kits to choose from priced from $99-$269

Earn Income Earn 25-35% commission on every product you sell or purchase.

Flexibility to be your own boss and choose when, where, and how you work. You set your own hours and schedule to fit your life.

Rewards From cash bonuses to free products and unforgettable trips, being a PURELY™ Advisor comes with tons of perks to make living a more natural, healthy life easier.

Simply Pure™ is the core belief of our company. It is the essential idea behind everything we do. Yes, we promise a completely pure product, but Simply Pure™ is also our guarantee that the ideals and principles guiding us are free of impurities as well. You will not find us using kitsch marketing language or sourcing from factory farms. What you will find are people dedicated to doing things right, not doing things easy. Simply Pure™ means a purity of spirit within our company – our intentions, our practices, and our products. We keep it simple to ensure that we have taken every measure that you receive the purest line of essential oils and natural health products to improve your life. This is our way. This is our promise

We are refusing 20 categories of the most harmful toxic chemicals. The ones that have silently invaded the two types of everyday goods that stand to cripple us the most — our food supply and beauty products.

No longer will we participate in the slow degradation of our bodies and minds.

Demand healthy.

Demand natural.


Make A Difference Through the Give Purely Foundation™, PURELY™ makes regular charitable donations to organizations dedicated to ending the enslavement of some 30 million men, women, and children currently held captive around the world.

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