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Hello My name is Jessica and I’m a hostess working with Ring Bomb Party selling Ring Bombs.
Ring Bombs are like bath bombs but there’s no essential fragrance’s or oil’s it’s just Ring Bomb Party’s way of revealing beautiful customized ring’s. As of right now I am selling the Original’s which are $17.95 plus $4.99 Shipping anywhere in the United States in each original ring bomb is a ring with a retail value of $25-$500. I have sizes 6 to size 10 and I also sell kids bombs there $14.95 plus $4.99 Shipping anywhere in the United States. There on an adjustable band and can fit sizes 3-5. There is no suggested retail value for the Kids Rings. Each month Ring Bomb Party comes out with a new collection of customized rings, to keep it interesting and new. Serenitysky.RingBombParty is a fun place to enjoy Mom’s alone time and watch beautiful rings be revealed. All you need to know is your ring size and the rest is a Surprise. You only pay $4.99 Shipping once per party, if you want to order again after the first order Shipping is free.
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