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At Ruby Ribbon, we talk to women everyday. Our intimate conversations provide the inspiration for innovative products that seamlessly combine fit function and fashion.

Whether it’s intimates , swim, activewear or leggings our conversations Betray the “fail points“ where fashion or function ask a woman to compromise comfort. Enemy #1 is the most offensive of them all, and is the one that ironically sits closest to our hearts: THE BRA !

♦️Your bra is not your friend, nor even a polite acquaintance 

♦️At best you put up with her 

♦️Your bra is uncomfortable, annoying and ugly  

♦️Your Bra is often off within minutes after getting home. 

So, we all agree: bras are the worst.  And we know that a lot of bra makers are often the biggest culprits of creating the Brama. They think we want to push them up, smash them down, enhance them and adorn them with trimmings just for show and they Missed the Point Entirely. We want comfort. We want support. We want the darn thing to fit. Every. Single. Day. Oh and we want it to be gorgeous. 

Here’s a newsflash: we have long excepted the fact that our bodies change throughout the month based on activity, weight gain, weight loss, time of the month, and even what we’re doing between the sheets (it’s true!)

But why don’t Bra makers realize that when our bodies are changing so do our boobs! Daily, monthly, weekly, constantly, when you think of it this way do you really think adding that 1/2 cup size to your cup measurement is really going to solve it? We don’t either! 

That is why our Camis & Demi’s are completely and totally different than anything else out there. They are made of amazing fabric with adaptive technology that adjusts to your body and flexes with you. In fact we’ve got nine performance benefits to their one or two.  We know any bra  is still a bra- constructed of static cups rigid bands and painful hardware, That will never be able to embrace the ever-changing you and that’s why we believe that the best recourse is to ditch the broth and go with our Camis  and Demis for a  perfect fit every time,

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