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Welcome! My name is Kristina and I am so happy to have you check out our community and what we have to offer. Hope’s Closet offers the well-known Savvi line as well as new graphic tees weekly. I joined Savvi almost 2 years ago when it was Piphany. We changed our name since we are becoming a lifestyle company that offers more than just an everyday line.  We have since launched a Luxe Line as well as a Fit Athleisure Line. Savvi is known for their line of clothing that is uniquely designed and cut to make every woman feel amazing when they put on the clothing. Savvi has a unique sizing and their size chart is available in the app as well as my website. I didn’t want to just stop there though with my boutique. Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee that is comfy? I know I sure do, and I know many women do as well. New graphic tees launch weekly and they are not just for women. I offer graphic tees for babies, kids and men.  Each Friday new tees are uploaded and are available for two weeks and then they retire for new ones to come.  You may even see some other fashion styles and brands coming soon too, eek I cannot wait.

Now a little about myself, I am a mom of two and one big fur baby. I have worked many years in retail as well as billing for hospital, but I was getting tired of working for others.  I wanted to enjoy my time with my kids and take care of my health.  I am a fellow endometriosis and IC sister and my health was taking a toll going into a job every day.  I needed to be able to take care of my family while also taking care of myself. Starting my own business was nerve wracking in the beginning, would I be able to do this, would I be able to support my family and do something I love. I asked myself these questions constantly.  I know what it means to have pain or swelling in the body in response to my disease but still want to feel good about myself and how I looked each day. Why should we stop feeling beautiful just because we are a mom, a wife, a grandma, an aunt, a fellow warrior?  I love bringing joy into women’s lives thru fashion. Think about that moment in front of the mirror with a smile on your face because of something you put on that day. It doesn’t matter if you wear and XS or a 5X we all should feel beautiful and love ourselves.

I hope that you check out what I have to offer and know that I am here to help with sizing, trying a new style or even a gift for someone.  You can shop direct through the website or facebook page, but make sure to come over and join. Let’s continue to lift each other up instead of tearing anyone down.  Cannot wait to meet you!

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