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My SeneGence Story

I’ve always been a makeup junkie, and I’m a makeup artist on the side.  So, when my cousin started talking about this “magic lipstick” on Facebook, I found it a little gimmicky because I’d never heard of it, but bought one to support her. I was hooked from the second I tried it; my wishlist grew quickly, and far beyond LipSense. I couldn’t wait to try more colors and more products.  Makeup that didn’t smudge or budge and top-of-the-line skincare at a fraction of other brands’ prices?  Yes, please!

When I found it was only $55 to sign up, I figured, “Why not?” I’d be getting a discount on great products, if nothing else. However, soon after I announced that I had become a distributor, others wanted in! On top of it, I couldn’t keep product in stock!! Within a month, I was not only making sales profit, but a monthly commission. Oh, and let me make it a point to mention this: I was the FIRST to roll my eyes at stuff like this. I was 100% proven wrong!  By the way, I’m a teacher, and it’s no secret that we are grossly underpaid, so that extra income was ohhh so welcome!!

Sure, the extra money has been a blessing, of course I absolutely loooove the products, and my skin has never looked better, but what I was least expecting when I signed up to be a distributor was the incredible friendships. My SeneSisters have truly become some of my closest friends, and you can’t put a dollar sign next to that.

There are LOTS of incredible products to choose from, so I threw together a list of my favorites in case you’re not sure where to start!  SeneGence truly offers something for everyone, from the makeup-lover like me, to the skincare enthusiast, to the constantly-on-the-go mom!  We offer quality products that are easy to use and only need to be applied ONCE, because the last thing a #BossMom needs is to stop what she’s doing to reapply her lipstick.  Happy shopping, ladies!

10. Normal to Oily Skincare Line (We have FOUR skincare lines!)
9. LipSense
8. ShadowSense
7. Brightening MultiVitamin Treatment
6. EyeLuminator
5. Nangai Oil
4. Facial Resurfacer
3. LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara
2. LipSense Moisturizing Balm
1. Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (CCTM)

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to try some products in person!  We can have a one-on-one demo, or you can host an in-home or online party and earn some free products!  For more info on becoming a distributor, please contact me directly.  The SenePossibilities are truly endless.

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