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Hi everyone! My name is Cassidy and I am a Sweet Minerals Educator! I joined up with this amazing company in March of 2020 and have just been loving it ever since! I stumbled upon Sweet Minerals while searching around for different makeup and skincare companies that didn’t use harsh chemicals in their products, was fairly priced, and that helped to soothe and nourish inflamed skin. I had developed an inflammatory skin condition while pregnant with my first son and struggled with redness, irritation, bumps, and inflammation on a daily basis. It was really difficult to deal with those issues and it was really frustrating to feel so embarrassed about my skin and to not be able to find products that would help.

After I happened to stumble across the Sweet Minerals website, I was completely hooked! I was amazed at the beautiful products I saw that were formulated specifically to work with and calm sensitive and problematic skin. They didn’t use harsh chemicals in their products, and they didn’t test on animals! It was amazing! I tried a few things out and absolutely fell in love with the products and the brand. I felt that I personally connected to the brand and the culture of the company because I struggled with skin issues and self-confidence and wanted to believe that I could still look and feel beautiful.

I knew the opportunity that Sweet Minerals presented was too good to pass up and I decided to join up with them as a Beauty Educator! I am so glad I joined this amazing company because it has helped me regain my self-confidence, has helped my skin issues to clear up, and has helped me to feel beautiful again! I have joined this incredible sisterhood of women who share the same love of nontoxic makeup and skincare as I do, and I have made some wonderful friends through this company! I love the atmosphere of girl power and inner beauty that Sweet Minerals exudes and encourages in each of its educators. And of course, I am loving the extra income I get to make each month to help provide for my family!

About Sweet Minerals:
The Sweet Life /THē /swēt/līf/: A self-fulfilled state of living where goals are achieved, confidence is gained, inner beauty is realized, inspiration breeds, and devotion flows from the heart

Sweet Minerals was founded in 2011 by four women who had a dream to create affordable and long-lasting cosmetics that could stand up to the Texas summer heat, didn’t melt or fade in the sun, and contained natural ingredients that wouldn’t harm the skin! They decided to join forces and set out on their entrepreneurial journey to pursue their dream of owning and running a successful all-natural cosmetic and skincare company! They also wanted to share this dream with other women who wanted to run their own beauty businesses while working from home and without having to invest a lot of money. So, they decided to make their company a part of the direct sales world and give other women the opportunity to create their own dreams and build their own empires!

Sweet Minerals chooses not to use harmful ingredients or fillers in their products that could cause life-long problems or dangerous reactions. They formulated their products to have as many natural and organic ingredients whenever possible and to use nontoxic alternatives when preservatives are necessary. Sweet Minerals’ recipes are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and are ideal for sensitive skin. These recipes produce products that adhere to the skin like a magnet, last all day without fading or separating, contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, resist water and perspiration, and naturally protect from UVA and UVB sun damage.

Sweet Minerals chooses not to use sulfates, synthetic fragrances, bismuth oxychloride, talc, or any other harsh chemicals that could be absorbed into the body and they also NEVER test on animals. Their products are designed to soothe and decrease the occurrence of inflammatory skin conditions, cover skin discoloration, and help all women feel beautiful!

About the Flawless Face:
The Flawless Face is Sweet Minerals’ signature product! Designed to give you everything you need to apply your makeup in under 10 minutes, the Flawless Face is a fun makeup kit containing full size foundation, coordinating blush, bronzer, and veil, and all the brushes you need to apply! The Flawless Face Deluxe set comes with all of that, plus a travel size Moisture Prep, full size concealer, and concealer brush! You can get these sets with either dry or liquid mineral foundation.

About Our Skincare:
Sweet Minerals has three main skincare lines, each of which are formulated to target specific skin types while also being gentle enough for anyone to use!

Our main skincare lines include Daily Essentials, Clarify, and Renew. Daily Essentials is great for every skin type is an awesome way to transition into Sweet Minerals skincare! Clarify is perfect for oily/acne prone skin types and uses activated charcoal to detoxify the skin and speed up the healing process. Renew is our anti-aging line and has a glycolic acid base, which helps to chemically exfoliate the skin and speed up the cell turnover rate. We also have our Vitamin C Cream and Eye Serum that are perfect for any skin type and help to brighten the complexion, reduce sun damage, and fight free radicals.

Our skincare products are made with sensitive skin in mind and are only formulated with gentle ingredients that are non-irritating and aren’t harsh! Organic ingredients are used whenever possible!

About Glam Club:
Glam Club is a bi-monthly beauty subscription containing 5-6 products that is valued at over $75! Of the products in the box, two of them will be new or exclusive products to the club, and one or two of them will be full size products! Every box is different and is shipped directly to your door every other month! It’s only $36.95 to purchase and it includes free shipping! Plus, you get a $10 coupon in every box to be used towards your next purchase! It’s a super fun beauty subscription that gives you a chance to try out new products and receive items that you couldn’t get through our site!

About the Opportunity:
Sweet Minerals offers a lucrative compensation plan designed to give you the freedom and ability to run your business the way you want! Earn 25-40% on your personal sales, up to 10% on downline sales, and earn monthly cash bonuses and incentives! Sweet Minerals also offers yearly incentive trips to beautiful and exotic countries! These trips are available to all educators!

When you enroll as an educator, your first three months are called your Sweet Start! If you make a certain number of sales within these months you get some awesome rewards and free money to spend on makeup! This program is a great way to get started on the right track and maximize your business early on!

Come join my team today and start building your own beauty empire!

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