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Hi!  We are Rachel & Emily!  A Mother/Daughter team and we want to show you why You are going to LOVE Tocara!

Our name, Tocara, is of Italian and Spanish origin meaning “to touch”.  Our mission is to touch your heart, mind and spirit with fine jewelry that brings a smile to your face because its both beautiful and affordable.  Tocara offers forever jewelry at manufacturers’ prices in a social and fun way.








All of our sterling pieces are made with industry-leading 92.5% pure sterling silver plated with Rhodium to reduce tarnishing and increase durability.  Rhodium is one of the hardest metals on earth, and it’s the expensive finish of choice for top-end fine jewelry – which is why most silver jewelry suppliers don’t use it.  Because of the Rhodium and the fact that our silver is free of allergen metals like nickel, you will be able to wear our jewelry, even if you are normally allergic to silver or gold.









Our stones are our patented manmade DiAmi stones – “di” for diamond and “ami” for friend.  We don’t use the typical cubic zirconia that you find in jewelry because its color and hardness are poor.   With Tocara DiAmi you get the look of a flawless diamond, with the same color and fire, at a fraction of the cost.  It’s the closes thing to a real diamond, with a hardness of 8.5 next to a diamond’s 10 on the Mohs scale and will look this gorgeous for a lifetime.







Our gemstones – Onyx, Amethyst, Pearls, Garnet and more – are real.  Each stone is individually set by a skilled stone setter.






Our statement pieces are made out of surgical-grade Stainless Steel so that they’re more affordable.  It doesn’t change color or tarnish, its hypoallergenic and its virtually indestructible.

And yet, Tocara jewelry is amazingly affordable – 32% of our products are under $50 and 57% are under $75!  We can sell real fine and forever jewelry at manufacturer’s prices because we manufacture many of our pieces in our own factory and also have vendor relationships that go back decades.




Hostess Program:




We have an amazing Hostess program that offers FREE jewelry, 75% off items and even some products that are exclusive only to Hostesses. So, if you think your friends would love playing with Tocara jewelry, let’s talk about scheduling your show.  Contact me now to schedule!











New to the US Market – a real ground floor opportunity! Earn 25-40% commission plus generous leader compensation.  Host a show and earn your Business Kit FREE or jump right in and get started for as little as $42.00 and make it your Launch Party!  Your Business Kit includes everything you need to hit the ground running!  Earn thousands of $$ in FREE jewelry in your first 70 days with our Fast Start Program and you get PAID WEEKLY – every Monday!  Check out the Opportunity Flyer for more information or contact us now @ (860) 759-9362 to get started.







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