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Who We Are: Our Mission

Trades of Hope is a fair trade missional company that works to empower women out of poverty through sustainable income.  Each of our unique products from jewelry, scarves, handbags and stationary to Christmas decor, fair trade coffee and ethical clothing is handmade by one of our artisans in one of 19 countries.

When you shop Trades of Hope you are partnering with us to not only provide sustainable jobs to women and families but also to promote education, counseling, self-care, job-training skills and self improvement; to help moms have the ability to keep their babies; to empower women to overcome poverty, discrimination and exploitation; and to encourage artisans to preserve and celebrate positive expressions of their country’s culture through the products they create.

Trades of Hope helps women live the lives they were created to live.

For women abroad who are rising out of poverty, that means giving them the opportunity to provide food, education and health care for their families, inviting them into a community where they feel valued, and presenting a path to live up to their fullest potential.

For women in the US, it provides something similar: Community with like-minded friends, earning an income while making an impact, and an avenue to provide for her family with her family.

Our Business Model

The extremely poor of the world are vulnerable and can be forced to make unthinkable choices. Mothers give up their babies to orphanages to avoid starvation or families send their daughters to the city with strangers, all with a hope for a better future. There is a solution.

Charity itself serves a great purpose, especially in times of natural disasters and to help communities through periods of recovery. Sustainable income empowers women to provide for their families, learn valuable skills, and receive healthcare and education for their children. This allows them to leave behind lives of prostitution, bond slavery, abuse, and other atrocities and step into freedom. It is a solution for long-term recovery from these existing conditions.

The unique aspect to the Trades of Hope business model is how we empower women on both sides of the direct sales equation. Like other direct sales companies, our consultants, called Compassionate Entrepreneurs (now called Partners), are able to earn an income on their own terms: working as many or as few hours as they choose while planning their schedules around their families, jobs, and other obligations. The partnership we have with our Artisans is the bridge that connects them to a greater purpose in their businesses – purpose that motivates them to succeed, but for something beyond themselves and their own needs.

We know the names and stories behind our Artisans, which gives our Partners a more personalized connection with them. They share Artisans’ stories with their customers. Stories of freedom, purpose, redemption, and newfound hope through partnering with Trades of Hope. A bond created, a sisterhood formed, a contribution to a world beyond their own. Purpose.

Trades of Hope is not only stylish and on-trend; it supports a cause, and it serves a greater purpose.  By shopping, hosting a party or becoming a partner YOU TOO can be part of the solution.

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