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Hi, my name is Lisa Bartlett. I am part of a wonderful Health & Wellness company called TruVision Health. We are not just ‘another weightloss company’ but a complete one stop shop for all your health and wellness needs.  We have products for blood chemistry, hormonal struggles, hygiene needs, skin care, essential oils, cleaning products, protein snacks, hand crafted spices and so much more.  Everything you need for living a healthy day to day life!

My story goes like this – 2 ½  years ago I was at my heaviest weight  I’ve ever been – 175.5.  Struggling every day with what foods I put in my mouth, I’m going to get on my treadmill today, I’m going to get outside for a walk if it’s nice, I’m going to do my dvd workouts, ect.  I obsessed every day over these things and had tried so many weighloss things like The Mayo Clinic diet, Food Lovers Program (which is still unopened in a cabinet somewhere),  21 Day Fix, Beachbody,  Hydroxy Cut pills, and so on. I would do good for a week or two then back to my same unhealthy habits. When I came across TruVision what caught my attention was 2 capsules twice a day with no diet or exercise.  I figured I would try it since I had tried everything else. I’m super lazy so this sounded like something I could stick to. I started my journey with TruVision Dec. 6th, 2017 and have lost 35lbs and tons of inches. Even when the scale never moves I’m still losing those inches and most importantly, I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!  I’m no longer bloated every day like before and when I go for check-ups all my numbers are in check.   I would love to help you start your wellness journey and get you to a happier ~ healthier ‘you’ 🙂

 ~Blessings~ Lisa

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