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Did you know?

Üforia’s customized DNA nutrition is Unique just like you! It has over 400 hundred million possible combinations. No two are the same and ONE OF THEM IS YOURS!

That’s why we call it Ü:trition.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone like you again!

Doesn’t it make sense that your nutrition is unique, too?!

Here’s a great analogy: If all things were equal, and you had THE CHOICE between a custom, designer, tailored made, suit that was made just for you. Or, an ‘OK’ off the rack suit, made for the masses, which would you choose?

I’m guessing you would choose the designer custom suit because it was made exclusively for YOU!

That’s exactly how our nutrition works!

Over 100 plant based, vegan friendly, non GMO ingredients, with no less than two peer reviewed studies on each product, are used in your customized DNA inspired nutrition.

Why would anyone ever want “blind nutrition” ever again! 😉



We have created this directory for Connecticut moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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