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Hi there.  This is Nee Nee.  My interests consist of living healthy, the Keto lifestyle, travel, fitness and self-care all while Living my Best Life.  I am a Founding leader in an organic health company where I help people get healthy while also getting wealthy.  Being a blessing to my family, friends and community in regards to their health, wealth and time is my goal!

Professionally, I’m Denise C. Ruffin an Independent Ambassador with the next “Billion” dollar company worldwide.  Currently we’re in the US and Japan, in 2020 we launch in Canada!  In just three years Wakaya Perfection has managed to change lives and save lives.  We focus on the body’s Core Four.  The foundation for long lasting, vibrant health is found in four core areas; healthy digestion, daily detoxification, reduced inflammation and complete nutrition.

During our three years in the Network Marketing Industry this company has managed to incorporate seven different billion dollar industries;

*GT Core ~ High Impact Ginger & Turmeric Essentials
*BulaFit  ~ Weight Loss Perfected
*Cherish ~ Personal Care
*TALEI ~ Perfected Skin Care
*Keto Kofi ~ Instant Organic Coffee
*Wakaya Culinary ~ Spices of Life
*Essential Oils ~ The Original Medicine

We have incredible Executive Leadership, lead by our President William J. Andreoli and our Co-Founder Mr. Todd Smith and our Founder, Mr. David H. Gilmour, who is also the Founder of FIJI Water!  Mr. Gilmour says that, “Wakaya Perfection will be bigger than FIJI Water!!!”  Our High Impact products were chosen by Oprah Winfrey to be featured in her “Favorite Things” magazine twice.  These are two clues why you should look at this as your new Home-Based Bussiness.

We’re Sounding the Alarm because since the 90’s the following increase in chronic disease have occurred:

• 41% Increase in deaths  from heart disease
• 45% Increase in Asthma
• 50% Increase in food allergies in children
• 250%Increase in Epilepsy
• 300%Increase in Diabetes
• 783%Increase  in deaths from Alzheimer’s
• 4200% Increase in Autism

Come find out how Thousands are losing Weight and living a healthier lifestyle!

Join us today!

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We have created this directory for Connecticut moms (and of course dads too!) and hope that you will share it with your friends and we will become your “one stop” search engine.

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