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My name is Brooke Goodyear, I am a mom of two crazy busy teens, an owner and operator of two businesses and a wife with a hubs that is great but doesn’t help in the kitchen, so in a nutshell my life is crazy busy, which I am sure you can all relate. #momsareheros! My journey to clean eating started 14 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia. We thought we were healthy and exercised often and had a healthy 6-month-old healthy daughter. I asked our oncologist where we went wrong, and she said she could not pin point it but to take a look at the ingredients of the foods we were eating. I bought a guide to healthy eating and started reading labels and was shocked at how much fake CRAP was in our food! I tried hard to go to the health food stores and buy better foods but I ended up buying a bunch of stuff and did not know what to do with it and most of it went to waste. A friend introduced to me Wildtree, and we have been hooked for almost 14 years now. What I love with Wildtree is that I do not have to think about a product I buy ever. I know that every product is organic, low in sodium, low in sugar, healthy and easy to cook. In 14 years since I have started with Wildtree things in our communities have changed. Organic products are much more cost efficient and available at most grocery stores but the way we package our products is what sets us apart. Store bought organic products rely on extra sodium sugar or salt to last longer on the shelf, we do not plus we package in a way so that you can use products multiple times, for example the Hearty Spaghetti blend can make a pot of spaghetti sauce for 4 people for with only 1 tablespoon of Hearty Spaghetti blend with a 14 oz can of tomato sauce and the small jar can make 5 pots and the large pot can make 10 pots! It ends up being less than $3 a pot! This is only one example but definitely check out the Taco Seasoning, Kids Cheez Blend and Alfredo!

Wildtree has evolved as well over the past 14 years as well but the premise of the organic, allergy friendly, easy to cook, healthy foods is still there. I invite you to take a look around! Try filtering out in the recipe search to what your cooking, allergy or dietary preferences are and see what yummy things pop up. Look at our Cooking Collections which give you dietary or seasonal collections with recipes. If you are a planner, take a look at our make ahead kits and stock your freezers with healthy meals. Do not tell anyone but I buy the make ahead kits, buy the stuff I need to finish them from a local grocery to be delivered and pay my kids $2/ meal each to make them ahead of time and put in the freezer (don’t forget I said they are teens now lol and I mentally get the $2 back per meal when they love eating the meal and share their day with us.)

DO NOT skip over the Grapeseed oils. This is one of our signature products. In a nutshell from a novice cook, they are heart healthy, low in fat/calories but they have the highest flash point of any oil so YOU CANNOT BURN your food! That was a huge win for me! You will not use up our oils as much because you do not need as much since they have a high flashpoint and will not burn off in the pan, not to mention we have a Bacon flavored oil, yes girl! And for the vegans, it’s vegan, yes girl!

We also have a fun club for those of you that eat every month? (insert sideways laughing face) Club Wildtree is free to join! Simply place your first order and click to be added to the Club Wildtree. Try your first products to see if you like them or take a look around to see if there is more that you want to try and add to cart for next month’s order and change the date as you need. With every month in a row that you order $49 or more you increase your discount with Wildtree and can earn free shipping.

Bottom line though is that from one busy mom that is concerned with feeding her family healthy, organic, low cost and easy meals, I got your back and here to help you make meal time make you like the super hero you already are! Almost forgot, use code WELCOME to get 20% off your entire first order😊

Brooke Goodyear

Find me on:   to get special tips, recipes and discounts!



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