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Who isn’t looking for more natural and plant-based solutions to everyday issues as more and more investigations and studies are released, proving how toxins are damaging our bodies, homes, children and animals?

Young Living Essential Oils & Products, a multi-billion dollar company, has been in the business for 25 years and are the industry leader in essential oils, toxin-free household and personal care products (including makeup!), and supplements are all guaranteed by our gold-standard Seed to Seal Promise.

Many mistakenly believe our oils and products are costly, however I’m here to coach and guide you on how to make the most of your time & money invested to make them super cost-effective AND easy to use and implement in your daily life. Cuz we all know, if it isn’t easy, we tend to not do it. I will show you how to find easy solutions & resources to get to using them.

For example, each 5ml bottle of essential oils contains approximately 85 drops, while our 15ml bottles have around 250 drops of oil. When you consider you can then dilute them down without sacrificing the therapeutic benefits, you could potentially make 8 – 10ml roller bottles from a 5ml bottle or 25 – 10ml roller bottles from a 15ml bottle of essential oil!

Use Young Living Essential Oils topically (via roller bottles mentioned above) to support skin health or as a mood-enhancing perfume or cologne. Wearing and applying oils can energize, uplift, inspire, relax, or soothe the mind and the body. You can also add them to your favorite skin, hair and personal care products or jump in and start creating your own toxin-free body butters, shower scrubs, bath salts, foaming hand soap or body sprays.

Freshen your home and awaken (or relax!) your senses by ditching toxin-riddled air fresheners and candles. Just a few drops of your single favorite oil in your diffuser or on a cotton ball placed in confined or stinky locations (garbage can, athletic shoes/bag, closets). Missing your favorite seasonal scents often purchased in candle form? Our oily users have created numerous oil combinations to mimic them!

Young Living Essential Oils are also one of the only essential oil companies with FDA-approval for dietary & internal use. You can use them in place of your favorite flavorings and spices to enhance food & beverage or take some drops in a capsule or sublingually (under tongue or inside cheek) to support the body systems functions from the inside out.

I host & teach many classes on various Young Living Essential oil topics as well as offer DIY/Make & Take (fees apply for DIY) events throughout the calendar year. Topics for classes include Fun & Easy Essential Oils; I Got My Kit, Now What?; 50 Shades of Oils for the Boudoir; Hormone Health; Toxin-Free Home; and others. Drop me an email, text or give me a call directly for a calendar of upcoming events & topics, as it changes by the week! Everyone is welcome.

Our oils & products are available to both member (wholesale) and non-member (retail) clients. The best and most cost-effective way to explore our oils and their benefits is to consider our Premium Starter Kit, featuring 11 of our best-selling essential oils, diffuser, accessories & samples, welcome package from me and a lifetime wholesale 24% discount (featured in the links and videos below).

Oils not your thing? No worries. We have full line of our amazing Thieves-based cleaners and personal care products as well as our vegan-friendly Savvy Minerals makeup, with no parabens, phthalates, bismuth, etc. Keeping your environment and your body feeling and looking fresh & radiant.

Let me know if I can answer any questions, host/teach a class or event for you, or would like to purchase or experience any oils!

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