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Are you, or someone you know, looking for more energy, better sleep, less aches & pains or just overall better health?  Let me introduce you to the #1 selling full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil, ULTRACELL!  To understand how UltraCell works, you must first understand that, within our bodies, there exists a network of receptors called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  These receptors are most abundant in our brain and immune system which regulates functions like sleep, relaxation, homeostasis and cognitive abilities.  Challenges arise when our natural production becomes slowed and that’s when plant based (hemp) cannabinoids are supplemented to fill that deficiency.  As we all know, when we are deficient in something, we supplement and this is no different.

The science behind UltraCell is what sets this product apart from others.  UltraCell oils are water soluble and designed for rapid onset and time-released delivery.  In February 2018, an independent study took place at the Mayo Clinic Research Center where participants reported feeling the benefits of UltraCell within minutes.  The study showed it was in the system within 45 minutes and maintained at a therapeutic level for up to 12 hours.  Most oils are only 3%-6% bioavailable and UltraCell technology allows absorption up to 94%!

UltraCell Hemp CBD is USDA Certified Organic, grown under the Colorado agricultural guidelines, using a CO2 extraction process which is the safest, purest way.

UltraCell is a Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD Oil.  This means that Zilis uses the whole plant which has over 400 compounds that work synergistically together, including over 100 different kinds of CBD’s, not just 1 or 2 isolates.  As if that isn’t enough, full spectrum also ensures that your body is getting everything it needs such as Terpenes, Flavonoids, Vitamins, Minerals, Omegas, and even Protein!  Added bonus, no harmful sweeteners or preservatives!

0.0% THC (Every batch tested-results available w/QR code on each bottle)


 ULTRACELL TOPICAL!  Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical combines our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil with a proprietary blend of essential oils to help soothe and relax away aches and pains.  After applying the Topical, in minutes you will feel, or NOT feel, something!  Organic aloe helps deliver and penetrate all 7 layers of the skin.  There’s no oily residue and you can apply the Topical multiple times daily. Using the Topical outside, along with the Oral inside, is like working from the inside out!  0.0% THC


Zilis has also formulated an entire line of Endocannabinoid (ECS) BOOSTERS.  These Boosters are totally Hemp Free!  Each product is designed to “boost” the impact of UltraCell on the ECS with targeted health benefits.

UltraEdge – Helps enhance cognition support (mental clarity, energy)

UltraIce – Helps balance your body’s systems for optimal performance

UltraDream – Helps promote deep & restful sleep

UltraBurn – Helps with weight loss support

Whatever product you decide might be for you, it’s important to know that every purchase made contributes to the Zilis Pay it Forward Program.


Zilis, pronounced /Za-lease/, means ‘multiplying nutrition’ in Swahili language.  Zilis has taken that idea and made it a reality with the ULTRA brand products.  Steven & Angie Thompson founded Zilis in 2015 and began changing lives across the nation and around the world.  Our Founders have a mission to provide unlimited opportunity for our Ambassadors, while our unique “Pay it Forward” program impacts those in need at home and abroad.

*Every dollar sold is matched with daily nutrition to young children and expectant mothers (targeting malnourished children)

*Globally, donations from Zilis help Vitamin Angels supply expecting mothers with prenatal vitamins (US included)

*Patriot ProgramZilis Veterans Initiative  Veterans at risk may qualify to receive UltraCell at no cost to the recipient.

This truly is the heart of the company and why my husband and I took a serious look at Zilis almost 2 ½ years ago.  We are a part of something bigger than all of us, offering life-changing products affecting lives all over the world, both physically and financially.  The exciting news is…..we are just getting started!!!


The Hemp CBD Industry is expected to grow 700% by 2020, $22B by 2022 and $1Trillion by 2030!  If you’ve ever wanted to be at the right place, at the right time, along with the right opportunity, we feel we have found it here at Zilis!

If you, or someone you know, is looking for an opportunity to change your current way of life, both physically and financially, this could be your chance.

Zilis pays Ambassadors 7 different ways, both weekly & monthly!  One way is a very unique, tiered pricing retail program with 300% earning potential.  This is the first direct marketing company that I’ve seen with a benefits package which includes healthcare reimbursements, quarterly profit sharing, driving a free jeep and so much more!

If any part of Zilis excites you, please visit my website www.zilis.com/freedom4you .  When looking at the products on the website, remember they are all retail pricing.  We do have options for saving money so be sure to check out the Preferred Pricing option as a customer and/or the Wholesale option as an Ambassador!

Interested in the OPPORTUNITY?  Timing and positioning couldn’t be better!  Hemp is poised to become America’s next great cash crop.  Zilis is a leader in the CBD market and starting your business now gives you the greatest chance at securing your success.  The next gold rush starts with the Gold Standard—UltraCell by ZILIS!

When you think of Zilis, know that we are moving forward, not as a CBD company, but as the leader in Endocannabinoid System (ECS) health support!   New products are coming soon…..stay tuned in!

On a personal note, I pray every day that God put those in front of me who are looking for a little bit of hope.  I am witnessing all kinds of changes for people and families just like you and me, whether it be health issues and/or financial issues.

If you are interested in more information, please check out this presentation recorded by our Founder/CEO Steven Thompson.


Thank you for your interest in Zilis!

God Bless,


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