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Ever meet up with someone and wish you had a piece of paper to exchange contact info?  Why not carry a “mom card”?  Years ago, I met someone at a park and she gave me her card and I thought it was a genius idea!

062715 momcards

I made my own using a business card template in Word but if you aren’t creative you can always order them online!  It’s so convenient to have information like your home telephone number, cell number and email available to hand out.  You can add your kids’ names and ages too!  Just keep them in your wallet and if you run into someone you want to connect with again, it makes exchanging information easier.

This is the time of year we are out and about more!

Happy connecting,

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Canadian by birth, living in the USA by choice... I am a wife, full-time homemaker and mom of three. I enjoy bible studies, cardmaking, reading, photography, simple recipes, music, and organizing. I may not always get my dishes done, cards mailed out on time or use my camera in manual mode but I try - hence it being my endeavor! You will find a little bit of all that interests me on my APE blog {hey - I like gorillas!}:

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