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Hi everyone!
I am very excited to join the blogging team here at!  Since this is my first post I just want to shout out a little “Hi!” *waves hand* and say that I’m so happy to be here!  I love to share about anything that makes my life a little more productive as I do this wife/mommy/homemaker gig and I really hope to encourage someone else!!

The current project I’m working on is swapping my summer clothes for my fall/winter wear and purging while I’m at it!  Anyone else have too much stuff?!  If so read on because I have some tips to help!  I’ve been doing this for the past few seasons and it really helps!
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Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time!  

It’s drastic but pull everything out of the space you want to organize.  Seriously this is IMPORTANT because you’ll be a lot pickier about what you put back!

Give yourself THREE options.
Should you keep it, give it away or tuck it away?

{1}  I KEEP stuff only if I love it, if it fits and if I feel good in it.  That stuff goes back in my closet.  You know what you LOVE because there is no pause when you hold it up.  It’s screams “YES KEEP ME!” as soon as you touch it!

{2}  MY GIVE-AWAYS are things that I know I wouldn’t wear again.  This includes stuff that doesn’t fit.  Honestly people, if it doesn’t fit now chances are it’ll be out of style by the time it will… if it ever will!  If you have a hard time getting rid of stuff, offer it up to friends before donating!  You’ll be surprised at how much people actually appreciate this!  One person’s junk is another person’s treasure right?!  {Sometimes I post pics on Facebook and ask friends if they want it!}

{3}  Then there are the TUCK AWAYS… the things I’m not sure about.  The things that are comfy but I feel frumpy when I wear them.  Or a shirt I like but don’t have anything to go with it and honestly never wear.  Well, those are the items I tucked away in a bin.  If I want them, they are still there, but if I don’t wear them for a season, I will give them away later.  I just want to clear the space and see only what I wear regularly and LOVE!

Each season I find that there are things in my “tuck away” bin that I never wore the season before so they get moved to my “give away” pile right away.  Things are so much easier to get rid using this system!

All my clothes are organized by color because it’s easier to find what I’m looking for and see what colors I wanna add when I got shopping.  {Umm…. Definitely could use more green!}

Clearing out the excess shows me only the clothes I love to wear.  It keeps me from standing in front of my closet saying, “I have nothing to wear!”.  I can see beyond the clutter and see the abundance of what I really do have.

Hope this little closet cleaning overview might help you too!


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Canadian by birth, living in the USA by choice... I am a wife, full-time homemaker and mom of three. I enjoy bible studies, cardmaking, reading, photography, simple recipes, music, and organizing. I may not always get my dishes done, cards mailed out on time or use my camera in manual mode but I try - hence it being my endeavor! You will find a little bit of all that interests me on my APE blog {hey - I like gorillas!}:

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    Weclome to Mary! One Stop For Mom has the best bloggers around! Excited to read your posts!

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