If you’re at all like me, boiling Easter eggs to make them hard boiled, is a bit of a nightmare!  Inevitably, I crack several of them.  So I found this trick last year and it worked like a charm and it’s easy and I’m all about EASY!

Place eggs in a pot big enough to hold them in a single layer. Cover the eggs with cold water and bring them to a rolling boil. Cook for one minute, then remove them from the heat. When the water has cooled off, about 20 minutes or so, the eggs will be hard boiled.

If this isn’t when your eggs get cracked and you find that the kids are the ones cracking them as they are so gently putting them into the colored dye, you might want to try this little trick.  We happen to have both problems in our house so I will be using both methods this year!


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    Fran Lowell  |  

    I do this when I hard boil eggs also! And, the first time I’ve seen a whisk used for coloring eggs was THIS YEAR! I looked at pictures from my friend Melanie Mills and saw her son using one!! INGENIOUS!

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