Why I Don't Care That My Teenage Daughter is Obsessed with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

My 14 year old daughter has a dream, okay, okay, it’s more of an obsession. She wants desperately to meet Taylor Swift. Now I am fully aware that there are thousands and probably even millions of young girls and teenagers that have that same dream but, who am I to squash it? We have every album, we know every lyric, we have covered every wall in her teeny bedroom in posters, we have been to both her homes in New York City and Rhode Island and she has seen 3 concerts! You might have noticed that I wrote “we” and that is in fact, accurate, I will admit, that I like Taylor Swift too! You see, while I believe my daughter probably wastes far too much time entering contests and stalking Taylor (yes, we are on a first name basis as she is pretty much everywhere in this house!) on social media, it’s her dream.

Taylor had a dream too, she dreamed that one day she would be a singing sensation and look, just look, where this young woman is today!  I have to say out of all of the stars that my young daughter could idolize, I am happy that she chose Taylor.  Despite what the media reports on this young superstar, she appears to be down to earth, loving and loves to surprise her fans with gifts and ever so thoughtful gestures.  Although the media may portray her as a starved love addict, I believe that like most of us at her age, she is simply trying to find the “right one” and as we all know, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs in that process.

So, I will support my daughters choice in loving (and obsessing) over Taylor and if this blog should somehow catapult her to a meet and greet with her idol, then this mama won’t complain!



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Photo from Taylor Swift’s Facebook page.



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Comments (9)

  1. Avatar
    Mary Newman  |  

    And it’s something fun you can enjoy together! Awww love this post and hope she gets to meet her one day!!

  2. Avatar

    wouldn’t it be so cool if Taylor Swift saw this and she got to meet her. you would be the mom of the year in your daughter’s eyes!! That would be quite the win considering the age, I’m sure!

  3. OneStopforMom
    OneStopforMom  |  

    I call that the MOTY Nancy! (Mom of the Year!) And I do seem to fall short every year so it would be nice if I got it this year LOL!

  4. Avatar
    Debbie Falgon  |  

    I’m with you on this ,so much rather it be Taylor Swift than Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry!

  5. Avatar
    Sally Marks  |  

    what a good mom. I went to a concert with my daughters too, I need ear plugs with all those screaming girls. It was crazy but I agree she is a good role model for our girls

  6. Avatar
    Carmelina Mancini  |  

    Great write up Mel! I agree it is very refreshing to see such an icon being idolized for simply being herself and not submitting to the antics that you need to be sexual or raunchy to succeed! I applaud her for being true to herself and you can see she simply enjoys life and knows just how fortunate she is. Kudos to her parents for instilling such good values in her! I know we have had this discussion several times before, it all starts from the home and upbringing!! I’m with you I’m a fan of hers too and do sing along to all her songs (only in the car by myself of course!)

  7. OneStopforMom
    OneStopforMom  |  

    Carm…okay you got me, I just may have the 1989 CD playing in my car…at ALL times 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Melinda  |  

    maybe this will get her attention if enough people comment on it and share it. you never know if she is watching and following social media

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