Work or stay home?

My children are now all in school and my youngest is at kindergarten all day.  With that comes the question, will I return to work outside the home?

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Do you have an opinion about working moms vs. stay at home moms?  I sure do!  The quick answer is that I think they are both valuable and needed in our society!  Women choose to work or to stay at home based on many things such as finances, boredom, schedules, skill set, education, family dynamics, etc.  For some women, there is no decision to be made.  They must work… Or they can’t work.  But no matter what your employment status looks like, all women should know that they are highly valuable!

We need teachers, secretaries, doctors, customer service reps, cashiers at Walmart, scientists, custodians, executives, etc to help run our businesses and communities!  We need strong women to do these jobs while they balance careers and family.

Our society also needs moms to stay at home, which is what I have chosen.  I want to encourage more women to find value in being a full-time homemaker {my preferred title} even when they don’t contribute financially to their home.  My husband is very supportive and years ago we based all our financial decisions around just his income.  I am blessed that I’ve had the ability to choose and I don’t take it for granted!   I personally don’t want to answer to an outside schedule other than my children’s schools’.  I want to get all that I need to get done through the day so when my family comes home, I’m available to them without stress and without outside time pressures.  We also need women to help get the neighbors’ kids off the bus, bring meals to new moms, help our elderly, volunteer in the schools, help friends move, etc.  If all able women were employed outside the home, who would do those things?  We are valuable ladies!  And if you aren’t helping someone, then look around because I promise, you will find opportunities when you seek them!

So if you are like me and your youngest is off to school all day and you are wondering what to do with your time, remember that your employment status does not define you.  Be productive and use your talents well, however that may look for you.

Happy September,

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